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Tom Holland (The Impossible) is the new Spider-Man, we all know that, but he proves what kind of Spider-Man he's going to be? Well depending on how the movie will go (it is unnamed still), it looks like it could be an ultimate Spider-Man movie, if so we think he would be perfect as Spider-Man. Sorry Andrew Garfield but looks like you've been replaced, and he looks more committed to Spider-Man than you. No offense, he was a GREAT Spider-Man, but...

WAIT!!!, "new" Spider-Man?
WAIT!!!, "new" Spider-Man?

he looks more like he is going for a more comic/series based Spider-Man and granted his was original, it just didn't seem very Spider-Man-y. Tom looks like he is going to have fun too, We are exited for the new Spider-Man, plus Andrew just seemed too old, Tom still has a teenager look to him

Tom and Spider-Man
Tom and Spider-Man

we look forward to the new Spider-Man, and hope you do too.

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