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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Fans have been wondering for months about what exactly Lex Luthor's plan will be in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). Lex is one one most methodical villains of all time and I'm sure whatever he has planned is just that.

Odeon Cinemas, one of the largest cinema chains in all of the UK, recently posted a synopsis of Dawn of Justice on their website. But, whilst it is unsure whether this is an official synopsis or something that the chain has made up, it is still interesting nonetheless.

Lex Luthor will manipulate both Batman and Superman?

This is a theory that has been suggested by tons of fans across the internet, but most of them had Lex manipulating either Superman or Batman, but not both.

At long last, see Batman and Superman square off against each other in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice', an epic superhero showdown which will change both their lives forever.

Clark Kent doesn't trust Gotham's mysterious masked vigilante. Bruce Wayne doesn't trust the alien who nearly destroyed Metropolis.

And Lex Luthor, who hates Superman more than anyone, is manipulating both of them for his own twisted ends.

Choose your side: the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight? Learn the answer to the age-old question - who would win? - in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice'.

So according to this synopsis, Lex Luthor will use his anger towards Superman as motivation to deceive both of the heroes!

Is this synopsis likely?

Seeing as this sounds more like an advertisement by the theater chain and not just a fan theory, it seems to add to the authenticity of this synopsis. I, for one, definitely believe that Lex could use Superman and Batman to accomplish whatever his evil agenda is.

We see in the trailer above that Superman was kneeling before Lex Luthor, and we know that Lex has Kryptonite, so that is how Batman possibly obtains his.

Alfred also tells Batman that "He is not our enemy." Who is he? Could Alfred be referring to Superman and eluding to his belief that Lex is their one true enemy? It all adds up, and I think that the cinema chain did accidentally spill the beans.

Hopefully this all pans out, because I think that this would be a great storyline to go explore and it could really be a great way to introduce Lex Luthor as a main villain for DC! It should be outstanding!


Do you think this synopsis is true?


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