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Atomic Cannon
...for a time even though we may never see him as a proper member of the cast again. There are still conversations in the show between the surviving characters left to be had over Glenn - on his fate, remembrances, etc., with that watch standing vigil where Glenn can no longer stand. Since every fan is aware that this season has been purported to be "off the chain", as Andrew Lincoln put it, I can't rule out anything regarding Glenn's outcome. When Carol left/was sent away after divulging to Rick that she had killed Karen and David at the prison, I had wild notions of her showing up again as a walker, like her daughter Sophia did. At the time that seemed a bit extreme. But in this season? The show has already set precedents regarding showing deceased cast members after they've turned: Hershel, Shane, Merle, and again, Sophia. I really hope, for Maggie's sake, that she doesn't go looking for him and find him in that state. But then again, he's probably under the dumpster. Right... ?

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