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The Halloween franchise is full of hits and misses, but the definitive installment would have to be the very first one and even to an extent, Halloween II as well. Those two seem to capture just about everything a fan would want out of a Halloween flick. Though combining the good in those movies with what I'd like to see personally, I was able to create a guide to what I think would be the perfect Halloween film.

1. Don't make Laurie Strode his sister

Jamie Lee Curtis in 'Halloween'
Jamie Lee Curtis in 'Halloween'

This is controversial because Michael Myers is commonly associated with killing his family. But in the very first movie, it wasn't their intention to make Mike a ''family man''. That notion wasn't added until the making of Halloween II. With that said, they need to take Michael all the way back to his purest form. Without a mission or a cause to be a serial killer, he seems much scarier. Because now you don't have to be in his family to be afraid Michael Myers... you can just be yourself.

2. Give Michael Myers the Batman treatment

You know how they're re-doing Batman again, but this time without a backdrop or rehash of the same old stories? That's what needs to be done with Michael Myers. We've already seen the classic story with him escaping the mental asylum twice. So how about we get a movie that already has a full blown Michael Myers doing his thing? The town of Haddonfield could already be traumatized and many people wouldn't even be going outside anymore. People would even accept death as a regular occurrence. The police force would be frustrated to no end, and Dr. Loomis or someone similar would be totally worn down from trying to defeat Mr. Myers.

3. Make it extremely suspenseful

Friday The 13th is known for it's gore, A Nightmare On Elm Street is known for it's comedic relief, and Halloween is known for its extreme suspense. So unlike the last two Halloween movies, the next one should be really scary and suspenseful. A movie that has the whole theater at the very edge of their seats. In my opinion the people behind these movies really don't use Myers to his full potential. They should capitalize on his smarts and turn it into utter suspense.

Think back to the first Halloween movie or even the sixth one. They both have scenes with his targets being lured right into the house with him. Now imagine the audience of today watching a scene similar to these? The cliche ''don't go in that room!'' or ''don't walk into that house!'' phrases would be yelled at the big screen in terror. It's situations like those that make the Halloween movies what they are. So they HAVE to bring it back!

4. Bring back the real Dr. Loomis or someone similar

In Rob Zombie's first Halloween movie, Dr. Loomis was portrayed pretty much like how he was supposed to. In the second film, he was turned into an extremely unlikable character but in both movies, he didn't really add on to the Michael Myers lore like he usually does and he wasn't the all knowing protector he had once been in the originals. So in return, they should turn him back into the hero of the movie, and stray from making the film all about Michael Myers himself.

5. The new Michael Myers should be a Rob Zombie / John Carpenter crossover

The new Michael Myers should have both the anger and viciousness of Rob Zombie's Michael Myers, along with the smart and subtle attitude of John Carpenter's. As far as looks go, I'd definitely prefer he had the classic look with a twist. Maybe dark red hair this time instead of black or brown.

'Halloween Returns' is still set to hit theaters in 2016


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