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Glenn’s not dead people… and it’s all but fact by now with “The Walking Dead” producers showing their poker faces on Sunday night’s show and preview for next week's episode.

Ok so you’ve seen a lot of articles about why Glenn is dead or isn’t dead. And “Walking Dead” seemed to confirm his death by leaving him off the credits on the “Here’s not Here” opening sequence last Sunday. But a show like “Walking Dead” doesn’t accidentally slip up and give away a major plot that easily. Here’s the points to consider:

“Thank You” episode points:

• Glenn indicated if he was trapped or in trouble he’d leave a “sign” for the others to know he was ok. Writers don’t write odd lines like this in by accident – expect a sign, and then a happy reunion.

• Glenn did something with his watch, given to him by Hershel,, right before he left the pet store. Will this pocket watch be his way of signaling the others that he’s ok? There’s a reason this was shown, but not resolved.

• There’s room under the dumpster for Glenn to crawl under and hide, as seen by the screen shots all over the net this past few weeks. He’d only really have to defend three sides of it since the fourth is against the fence. Plus as the zombies piled themselves against it to get to him, they could actually create a shield of smashed and trampled zombies to further reinforce his hiding place… plus provide zombie blood to mask his scent, which would eventually calm the zombie, and with that combined with the zombie guts rubbed all over him, offer him an opportunity to escape at a later point.

• Nicholas fell on top of Glenn as they went off the dumpster. At no point did we see Nicholas getting eaten, just shots of Glenn reacting to what looked like his own body being torn apart. Why not show Nicholas’ dead body getting eaten? Because it would give away that he was shielding Glenn. Producers even went out of their way to shield his body in the high shot that ended the scene.

• Intestine’s aren’t that high on a person’s body – as we see the scene that appear to show Glenn getting ripped apart, the intestines are much too high to be Glenn’s.

• We don’t clearly see Glenn actually getting eaten… sorry but if you’re seeing the death of a major character in the show, the producers are going to show a full body shot of it… Glenn’s face and body, Glenn’s intestines coming out, all in view at the same time.

• Glenn’s too important of a character to die alone and in many ways undramatic... yes, when we all initially thought he was getting eaten it was a shock. But that’s an average character’s death, not a major one… he will die heroically or epically, not hidden away in an alleyway away from the eyes of his friends

• Glenn’s death in the comic is too epic and sad for the show to do… and it’s not like it’s a moment they can alternate in with another character. It just won’t pack the same impact if it’s not Glenn at this moment.

• Glenn has a flare gun, again another important thing for producer’s to make clear he has before he becomes trapped… stuff like this is not just randomly scripted in. The show has too little time to pack in a lot of plot to throw random stuff like this in without it being important to the plot.

• In the “Talking Dead” following this episode, Chris Hardwick read a letter from the producer Scott Gimple that Glenn will be seen again in some form… by leaving him off the credits on the very next episode is just the producer’s playing with fans fears, which when Glenn returns will make that return that much more emotional, epic, sweet, etc.

• Glenn was left out of the moratorium on “Talking Dead”, which could be just a tease to keep the plot line open but at least leans in favor of the character still being alive.

• Photos posted by “The Spoiling Dead Fans” webpage reveal the actor on set with a character not yet introduced, who looks a lot like “Jesus” from the comic books – is this Glenn’s savior?

“Here’s not Here” episode points:

• Steven Yeun’s name was left off the credits… but “Walking Dead” has a history of NOT removing character’s name when they died before the end of the season prior. Why would they be certain to remove him the very next week after he seemed to die? Because producer’s knew fans would be looking for it…

• The preview of next week’s episode shows Michonne quoting Glenn’s line about leaving a sign… again, an important point that they would repeat in case viewers missed it before.

So if you’re a betting person, I’d suggest putting your money on Glenn’s certain return in the next 1-2 episodes, leaving a couple episodes to set up a new storyline for gruesome and shocking mid-season finale.


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