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At the likelihood of sounding redundant or like a broken record the topic 'Gayism' or 'Homosexuality' hasn't received enough notoriety in our society as it should; and if I may, ACCORDING TO ME!

Having come from a historically sidelined place, the gay community has endured a lot of ridicule and oppression. Yes I know from our point of view, our countries have embraced the Gay community and even created laws and regulations to suit them; but think of in a global aspect.

Why is it necessary to fight for their rights and freedoms, why the restrictions. Fundamentally, this world is designed to embrace change and evolution if the past billion years are anything to go by, again, my opinion.

Getting to the heart of my first publication here; the whole question of whether Gays should be allowed or not may be causing more harm than good to the community as more of their energy is diverted from the more constructive developmental activities. As a result most of the Gay in such situations don't get to enjoy their own lives.

It might be interpreted as the Gays in this conservative regions don't have the freedom to express themselves, given that is quite true and unshakable, but more importantly what after? There's a whole lot more to the peaceful growth and living of gay people than to live in areas/ states that accept and tolerate their kissing and holding hands along the streets.

Gay Movies I believe have come as the wild card in these situations, helping and aiding as needed. The demand for this exposure cannot be amounted to a moment nor a situation but it's long lasting and all inclusive. Gay themed movies act the traditional role of media in transmitting information on Gay lifestyle and Gay living traits.

This comes in aid of so many of our troubled brothers who have been brought up believing they are taboos, and outcasts from their communities. Africa is such a place where heads of state foster homophobic traits and even publicly speak out against the Gay community who end up suffering physically, emotionally and in severe cases end up dead.

Above that the Gay movies help them identify with the similar stories that affect their communities all over the world. It helps them to understand and relate to their counterparts and their common problems; preparing them for future ridicule, and other kinds of reactions from their surroundings.

Not pre-positioning them to react to their surroundings but they are well advised of what to expect as a reaction from their surroundings. Gay Movies have been left as the only other channel of advice and education to many within the Gay community.

Even though sourcing for the movies has been marginalized and limited in the past i am seeing deliberate attempt by Hollywood movies to include Gay-themes in their movie productions. Online sites too such as '' maintain a healthy list of Gay movie reviews. numerous other sites such as "" have struggled to ensure that Gay movies are readily available for the public, easier access.


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