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Star Wars is an extremely hot topic right now. After over 10 years, we are (hopefully) getting the sequels that we deserve, since we really don't call the prequels a success. Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens is all but here, with all the trailers already having been cashed in. But one thing that the trailers did really well is leave us with a handful of questions, the biggest being "Who is Kylo Ren?". This question has been lingering in the back of everyone's mind who has watched the final trailer for the massive blockbuster. But, we finally have the answers. Who, when, and why: The 3 W's of Kylo Ren.

Who Is Kylo Ren?

Kylo Ren is reportedly a white male, with black hair and Jedi-like powers. Approximately 30 after his birth, he decided to join the dark side of the force, an ally of The First Order, and a Knight of Ren. Kylo then took on the surname of Ren. He ended up building his own lightsaber, one with a red main blade and red crossguards coming out of the sides.

There has been speculation that Kylo is Luke's grandson or even son. Whether or not these rumors are true is up to debate, as no actual identity has been released.

When In The Star Wars Universe Dos Kylo Ren Appear?

Kylo Ren was supposedly born sometime after The Battle of Endor. This estimation puts Kylo Ren's birth after the fall of the Empire, and Darth Vader. This would also leave open the possibility of Kylo being Luke's son.

Why Is Kylo Ren The Way That He Is?

This question is one that can not be fully answered. But, I'll give it my best shot. Kylo Ren had an extreme fascination with the dark lord, Darth Vader. It is extremely likely that he modeled his looks and his beliefs after the great Sith Lord. Kylo is also known for having a very fiery temper and personality, which could have also played a part in his fascination with the dark side of the force.

How Does All Of This Affect The Movie?

With Kylo Ren being the main protagonist in the upcoming movie, it is very likely that his identity will play a big role in the upcoming film. If he is indeed Luke's son, this could help show us why he is so mad after all. Maybe his experiences with his father/dead grandfather affected him badly. But whether he is Luke's son, or even Luke himself, one thing is for sure, he shouldn't be trifled with.

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