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Tristan French

Well guys, I'm going to be completely honest here, I actually liked Vacation. That being said this is not a good movie at all, especially when you compare it to the original.

Early in the film, Rusty Griswold makes a reference saying "this vacation will stand on its own". While they both have some similarities, Vacation is very different from the 80's classic we all got to know and love.

Ok so first I'm going to about the negatives. Vacation is filled with crude humor and dumb "fart jokes". Some of the jokes are actually quite funny and hit really hard, (especially the ones involving awkward family bonding moments), but there are quite a few jokes that fall flat and are plain dumb.

While Ed Helms was good in this movie as Rusty Griswold, he definitely wasn't the wise cracking kid we all got to know and love from the first vacation. Christina Applegate was actually surprisingly funny as the wife, and I liked some of the scenes involving her. One of the major problems I had with this movie was the 2 kids. Until the end of the movie both the younger and older boy were so annoying, and their dynamic really didn't work either. It was funny to see the younger brother bully the older brother for about 5 minutes, then it became old and unfunny. While Chris Hemsworth was funny in this movie, I though Leslie Mann was awful as Audrey. She did not suite the character of Audrey at all. She was really irritating in the movie, and took the fun out of some of the scenes she was in.

Ok, now lets talk about the positives. I absolutely loved the opening sequence, showing vacation photo's and playing the famous theme "holiday road". Speaking of Holiday Road, the soundtrack was great! I loved the scenes were they sang Seal's "Kiss from a Rose". I loved the cameo involving Chevy Chase and his wife from the original. Also there was this girl that was in a couple scenes, who was the love interest of the older boy and I thought she did a really great job in this movie. The scenes involving her were really funny, and by far some of the most memorable moments in the movie.

Usually touching moments don't work well in a comedy, but they did in this movie. The scenes were the family was bonding and getting to really appreciate each other worked really well here, and elevated the quality of the movie. Also, I know this may sound weird but the cinematography was very good.

Overall, while I definitely cant give Vacation a "fresh rating", its still a fun time if you're in the mood for a fun and dumb comedy. I definitely recommend this over Pixels, Mall Cop 2, or Get Hard.


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