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The Story:

After being saved by Harrison Wells from Earth 2, Barry brings him to the group. They are all initially skeptical of him and Joe nearly kills him had it not been for Barry. Jay reveals his history with Harrison and refuses to work with him. Another villain sent by Zoom called Doctor Light is revealed to be Linda Park's Earth 2 counterpart. She like all the others are being forced in some way to do his bidding. A few familiar faces show up and we are slowly, but surely seeing the gang piece together the mystery of Zoom with the help of their new allies.

The Action:

Barry learns a new power in this one after some advice from Earth 2 Wells. Here's Barry using his speed mirage ability. Pretty cool huh.

Dr. Light actually proved to be a worthy adversary and the woman under the mask was an even bigger surprise.

Jay and Wells get into a little boxing match, both throwing some decent jabs at one another.

Iris stands up to Doctor Light after she comes after Linda. Good job Iris.

Barry had an epic slo-mo bullet catch this episode and that looked amazing

New Characters/Cameos:

Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl- We finally get to see more of her after her brief appearance in last seasons finale. She's got the pendant, but that doesn't mean she's flying around just yet. Hopefully we will see her doing so soon.

Well's daughter- The actress who plays Wells' daughter was cast to play Jesse Quick. It is unknown as of now whether or not she is a meta on Earth 2, so we will have to wait.

Dr. Light- She showed herself to be a pretty formidable foe for Barry and was actually super OP. Good thing she isn't a one and done. There is still hope for her to be one of the good guys.

Vibe- Cisco has been there from the beginning, but seeing him finally acknowledge his abilities and everyone knowing about him is awesome. It wasn't right of Wells to just out him like that, but at least he doesn't have to hide it from his friends anymore.

Character Interactions:

Barry and Patty- All I can say is, about damn time Barry. They had little awkward conversation in the beginning there, but they actually had their first date this episode. We totally ship these two and they better be an item for a while. Still counting the days when she figures out Barry's secret, or does she already know?

Harrison Wells and Team Flash- We love seeing Tom Cavanagh back and this time with more dialogue. Everyone except Barry, surprisingly, had some beef with him. Here are some stills of everyone's reaction after seeing him. Don't they all look happy to see some version of him back or what? You can see it in their faces!

Jay and Team Flash- He's been in and out the last few episodes and it looks like he wants to distance himself from the team now that Wells is there.

Cisco and Kendra Saunders- This scene was a tough one to watch. She straight up rejected him on the spot in front of Barry. Good thing she gave him another shot at the end though.

Caitlin and Jay- This was a great episode for love to blossom. First we have Barry and Patty sharing their first kiss, then we have Caitlin and Jay about to go at it when....Bam! The ultimate c*ockblock goes to Doctor Light!

Linda and Linda- Super weird to be seeing a super powered alternate reality version of yourself. The look on their faces when they meet.....Looked exactly the same.

Zoom and Well's daughter- Her capture by Zoom is probably the reason why Harrison went to Earth 1. Saying he will help the team when in reality, he needs their help. Zoom has got her locked in a cell and saying that her and her father's death can still happen.

Iris and Joe- I love how Joe does everything to protect his kids, but for the love of god man why give her a gun! Hehe, classic Joe, love that guy.

Easter Eggs:

Atlantis- Jay mentions to Caitlin that he has a friend from there. I wonder who he could be referring to.

Killer Frost- Caitlin from Earth 1 isn't going to be Killer Frost since Wells's little meta human monitor didn't go off when near her. As long as we get to see her in this costume, I'm all for Earth 2 Killer Frost!

Kryptonite- Is this Kryptonite or Green Lantern Light. Whatever it is, it's been shown the last few episodes.

Batmobile Toy- It sort of looks like it, so I'm going to call it as it is.

What's To Come/Theories:

In the next episode we see Team Flash luring Zoom out with Linda Park. It doesn't look like things go exactly to plan with Barry on the ground and Linda being held closely by Zoom. After looking at some updates about the show, it is said that Wally West is to be Iris's brother. We did a theory on how her brother Daniel could be Zoom and should Wally take his place, it could still work. Next episode is going to be interesting for sure.

Final Thoughts:

This episode was awesome and probably the best one this season. With the introduction of Earth 2 counterparts of the characters we already know, amazing things are on the horizon. The Flash has yet to disappoint! Zoom has shown up sporadically and the anticipation is killing us! What did you guys think of the episode. Be sure to leave your comments below, we'd love to read them!


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