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Another Halloween has come and gone; a full night of costumes, craziness, and candy! I had a great night and I hope all of you had an equally as good or even better Holiday weekend as I did. Most people look forward to the candy-- at least the children do-- or the trick or treating, or the night of rambunctious activities, or even just the chance to watch all sorts of horror movies. Personally, I look forward to the costumes. I always have. Ever since I was little and burned half of a used suit to become Two-Face, I've been very attached to costumes. Whether they're hardcore replicas of your favorite movies or clever puns that only the keenest of party-goers could get, I think they're all fantastic. We have lots of talent here on Moviepilot-- from writers, to journalists, to artists, to cosplayers-- who all seem to love the Holidays just as much as I do.

Here is a gallery of some great costumes made by the talented members of Moviepilot. Sadly, I couldn't get everyone to participate but I'm grateful to those who did! If you want to show us all your costume chops, drop a picture down in the comments! For now, just sit back and enjoy all of our costumes in the wake of Halloween!

Let's jump in! (In no particular order)

1) "ARC Trooper Fives" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I decided to start with mine, just to get it out of the way. Also... I'm pretty proud of it so I had to show off. The descriptions will be simple: a name, the writer's age, and a little tid bit about their costume.

Stewart Fletcher, age 19, "made from used sports equipment, hot glue, and pounds of cardboard."

2) Castiel from Supernatural

Jacob Craig, age 15, "I just had everything in my closet and went to a thrift store to get a cheap trench coat!"

3) "Marty McFly" from Back to the Future Trilogy

Mac Charalambous, age 20, "Got everything at Goodwill for $11. The vest was originally black, so I painted it red with spray paint."

4) "Captain America" from Avengers: Age of Ultron

Jeremiah Andrew Pio Paul, age 18, "He's one of my favorite heroes ever, its also my comic con costume; my brother went as the Winter Soldier."

5) "Batman" from DC Comics

Andrew Brindley, age 19, "My friend and I as the Joker and Batman. As Batman, I lift my villainous foe in the air as he cackles maniacally, much to my dislike."

6) "Deadpool" from Deadpool

Trevor Norkey, age 19, " I was genuinely annoyed with people referring to me as Spiderman as I gave them candy."

7) "The Joker is Jason Todd" from Numerous Fan Theories?

Liam Dixon, age 18, "It just started off as a Robin costume, but I just had to add the Joker mask. The Joker is Jason Todd!"

8) "Spike" from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Rafael Herraras-Zinman, age 14, "Spike from Buffy, using some temporary color hair spray with a trench coat & shirt that I found at Goodwill & black jeans that I already owned"

9) "The Undertaker" from WWE

Chase Ricks, age 32, "WWE's The Undertaker or Harry Dresden, just a black hat black cloak etc. I voice both well too."

10) "Spiderman" from Marvel Comics

Chris Harkin, age 18, "Belfast comic con was on Halloween and I kept getting surrounded by kids wanting pictures with me, including Captain America."

11) "The 12th Doctor" from BBC's Doctor Who

Cody Skeels, age 17, "12th Doctor and my friend Tyler as the 10th Doctor."

12) "A Panda" from Nature?

Israt Ahmed, age 22, "I just put on a onesie."

13) "Steve Urkel" from Family Matters

Traelon Randolph, age 20, " I got the pants and suspenders from a thrift store, and the rest is what I owned (I'm on the far right and I had my shoe off to ice my ankle lol)."

14) "Zombie Apocalypse Casualty"

Thomas Protentis, age 34, "I can't believe after surviving so long they got me from behind. My costume is basically just someone who ran out of luck in the Zombie Apocalypse."

15) "Krillin (with hair)" from DBZ

Joby Bongco, age 25, "Earlier this year i bought myself a Goku Brazilian jiu jitsu gi and decided to throw together a Krillin costume using the pants, an kame t-shirt I had and a simple blue dry-fit shirt."

16) "The Punisher" from Marvel Comics

Adonis Gonzalez, 17, " I actually just happened to have a red Punisher shirt and leather jacket lying around. Then I grabbed some fingerless gloves from Wal-mart and grabbed my Dad's wooden samurai sword and boom! "

17) "Liv" from iZombie

Catrina Dennis, Moviepilot Senior Editor -- "All of the costume's pieces were taken from old cosplay ensembles! I chopped up my first Daenerys wig, grabbed a lab coat that I'd used for a few costumes, and threw on a black hoodie that I had bought for a different cosplay the year before. Thrifty and spooky. I think?"

18) "Harley Quinn" from Batman: The Animated Series

Tisha Mae Eaton, , age 26, "I dressed as her for both comic con and then for going out with my friend and her daughter for trick-or-treating. I got a lot of 'Oh thank god's for actually being the original Harley and not the Suicide Squad one."

19) "Wednesday Addams" from The Addams Family

Amalia Mangiafico, age 19, "I was Wednesday Adams! Fun fact, I figured out the idea to my costume 45 minutes before the event I went to! Procrastination at its finest!"

And there we have it! Some of the great costumes from yours truly, the MP writers. I hope you enjoyed these pictures and felt a little inspired for next year's Halloween. Just a little gallery to let you into the world of Moviepilot. We love our movies. We love our comics. We love our TV shows. We're a group of people who are passionate about fiction worlds, fantastic characters, breathtaking performances, and great cinema. I hope you enjoyed this.

Don't forget to share your own costumes down in the comments section!

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'Til next time!


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