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What a extravaganza episode!!!!

I begin to feel really close that some secrets

will be reveal of why penguin & the pike brothers

have something got to do with Wayne enterprises

& killing running mayors, it's because of Theo!

Theo Galavan.
Theo Galavan.

In the beginning, Butch betray penguin-&-Theo have killed his mother.

But when penguin swear himself that he'll dedicated to get his revenge

that the way that Theo killed his mom. "Any last words", "I'm gonna kill you".

I love the part when he slice the side of his neck. That soon, penguin

will get his revenge. But, on the other hand, with Bruce,

he has no idea of what's going on with Silver & Selena.

And for there that I thought that Silver have got nothing to do with this

or-didn't know what Theo & Tabitha are up to.

Silver St. Cloud
Silver St. Cloud

Earlier, when I see the scene when Bruce, Silver & Selena

having lunch, Selena have mention batman's villain name: "two-face",

while Selena ask silver a question. That for mentioning,

I was surprise. It's a good thing that we saw Harvey Dent

in that episode!

Harvey Dent.
Harvey Dent.

So far, I totally love the episode! So awesome, so gritty & so action!!!!!!!

I can't wait til next week's episode starts!

And then...... Barbara's revenge!!!

Thank you.


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