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The much anticipated [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer has yet to grace us with its godly presence. News reported a couple months ago that a trailer was being played at an exclusive event and there was a little hope that Disney would decide to release it to the public. Of course that never happened and we are still wondering when the elusive trailer will drop for the public to feast on. Fans are dying to see what footage and information will finally be shown when the trailer releases. But the question is, what kind of footage should the trailer show us when it finally drops. Well I have a good idea what that might be.

1) What's The International Incident?

In the Civil War comic series, an event happens in a small American town that sparks a international incident which leads to the whole premise of what Civil War is about. Now since the film will be straying away from the comic itself, it seems to be that the event that triggers the film events will actually be somewhere else internationally instead of a small town. We have heard rumors and theories on what the actual event is but no type of confirmation whatsoever. The trailer needs to show right away what sparks the film events and why Captain America and Iron Man will be fighting in the movie. This would not only set up the tone for the story but also for the movie itself.

2) Cap/Iron Man's side

Shifting focus between the two sides in the trailer would be a great way to give us viewers a chance to see what these two characters' mindsets are and where they stand on things. Of course we know Captain America will be going rogue and Iron Man working with the government, but the trailer should show more of their personal beliefs and the reason they're taking each respective side. Doing this would be a great way to set up character development on where these characters are at since the events of the last film.

3) Tease Of The Villain.

Baron Zemo is going to appear as the main villain in Civil War. We have yet to find out what his exact role will be but it would nice to see a few quick glimpses of the purple masking wearing villain in the trailer. It's still to early to reveal what his role will be in the movie but teasing fans with a few quick glimpses of him will definitely raise anticipation.

4) Tease Of The Showdown.

The moneymaker for this entire film is obviously the fight between Iron Man and Captain America. I mean seriously what better way to get fans hyped about the film than to show these two legends standing face to face as former friends ready to engage each other in battle. We got a glimpse of it in some leaked images but that was more of a team vs. team battle. The trailer should without question show these great characters face to face, ready to duke it out. Showing that would no doubt raise anticipation for this movie.

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