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I really got a vibe from tonight's episode of The Flash. It left me starstruck. As we know from tonight's episode of The Flash, Harrison Wells says that Zoom is obsessed with Speed and will do what ever it takes to be the only speedster left. Now, who else do we know, well some of us anyway, that is a speedster who is obsessed with speed? The answer to that question is Jerry McGee. Now, if you have read part one to this theory or have read the comics, then you know who Jerry McGee is, but if you don't I'll go over his background again. Jerry McGee, is an unstoppable speed demon, who is obsessed with his speed and taking down any other speedster that exist. Harrison says that he created Zoom, so could he be Jerry McGee?

I still have doubts about it being Jerry, but I still stand by this theory. Although Jerry McGee is from the time line and same Earth as Wally West, this would mean that Zoom is not Jerry McGee (Speed McGee), but it may be. Wally will be introduced this season, hopefully soon. Will he play an important part though to fighting Zoom? Zoom is obsessed with speed, something he and Jerry have in common. Will Harrison reveal Zoom's identity to Team Flash? I am starting to believe that it could be Edward Clariss. Edward Clariss, who is from Jay Garrick's world, believed he had mastered the formula that gave The Flash (Jay Garrick) his speed, dawning a darker version of The Flash costume and becoming a super villain. During a fight between The Flash and Edward, he ran so fast that he reached light speed and vanished. I am starting to agree with my friend, who says that Edward Clariss is Zoom, however it could also be Jerry McGee, due to the similarities between the two.

So, this still makes us think, who exactly is Zoom? I am stumped on this theory, and will do better the next time around. After all, I did a pretty decent job on my first ever article. Zoom is an unstoppable speed demon, and Jerry McGee is known as Speed Demon. I just have my head in the clouds.

Jerry and Edward have a lot in common as well, they both had mastered the formula giving The Flash, Jay Garrick and Wally West their speed, so they thought. The only difference between the two, is that Jerry developed a high-tech suit that resembles The Flash costume only darker to continuously pump steroids into his body causing him to run as fast as the Flash and use the Speed Force, but the formula kept malfunctioning, causing him to lose his speed every so often. Edward, when he vanished, he was found in the Speed Force by Johnny Sorrow, who then introduced him to the Injustice Society.

I am starting to believe that Zoom could be a combination between Clariss and McGee. Why doesn't Harrison just reveal who Zoom really is? He may have created him, and is telling Barry how to stop him, but why not just tell him who he is?

I apologize for the poor writing of this article, but it is the best I can do from the top of my head after watching this weeks episode of The Flash. As I said before, until I get more info on Zoom, from The Flash, I'll write more about him and how he could be Edward, Jerry, or even someone completely different. To all the Speedsters out there, may the Speed Force be with you.

Season 2 continues Tuesdays on The CW.


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