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Holy fuck.

So Victoria is a movie that was shot in one single uninterrupted take and it’s over 2 hours in length. That’s all you need to know about this. This is the one case where categorizing a movie into a genre would spoiler it. So, if you’re serious about seeing this, don’t look up anything else about the movie. Just go because it’s bananas.

Although the movie stumbles a bit in the beginning, it’s able to find some balance and keeps going and going and going.... Unlike similarly shot films like Birdman and Irréversible, this one actually happens in real time. Of course, if you’re gonna have that, there are gonna be some lull moments but the choreography of the whole thing is crazy enough to keep you interested for the whole ride.

Actors are fairly unknown and they are each able to humanize their characters. There’re some jaw-dropping performances in there especially from Laia Costa as the eponymous heroine. As mentioned before, the movie stumbles along in the beginning and the characters felt kind of confusing at first but it all makes sense as it keeps going.

Of course, something has to be said about the cinematography which would make all those Lubezki-types out there blush. Although it certainly isn’t perfection, it’s still insane. Who cares if you can hear the camera operating walking down some stairs? Who cares if you see their finger on the lens? Sturla Brandth Grøvlen is a God-in-the-making.

Victoria is excellent and I’m shocked why it didn’t break out during its time at TIFF. It’s one of the most ambitious films ever put together with some excellent performances to enjoy. This felt like 2 different movies and that might turn a lot of people off. But it’s all great and it’s as crazy as it sounds.


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