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A new convention is about to hit the LA circuit from the creators of the Ktown Night Market and the OC Block Party. They're pushing the convention as an all-in-one mix of Asian pop culture under one roof and I'm actually pretty excited about it.

ANIME IMPULSE is an exciting new project fusing the worlds of Anime, Manga, Video Games and other fascinating elements of Asian pop culture including K-Pop, street food and more! Hosted by the Queens of Cosplay, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Ashley Gosiengfiao, VAMPY BIT ME & Luna Lanie...The event will feature appearances from celebrities and special guests, panels, VIP parties, vendors, artist alleys, an Itasha Car Show, delicious food and treats, and the cutest fashion live from our runway stage! Encompassing everything fun in Asia in one event!

Putting all of that in a single event and cramming it into two days seems like a pretty big undertaking but I have high hopes for it. What I'm looking forward to the most, of course, is the great cosplay that's sure to be present during the event. With great cosplayers hosting, I'm more than certain some cool stuff is going to go down.

Luna Lanie
Luna Lanie

Anime Impulse is going to take place at the Pomona Fairplex this coming January 16, 2015. To learn more about the event, check out their event page on Facebook and pop on over to their website. Pre-registration is already up and running with prices starting at $30 for a 2-Day pass.

Source: Anime Impulse


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