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I love WWE and DC mainly Batman, I am an average nerd so i know alot just to to much haha!
Adam Boshie Bosher

What if one day the "DC" in DC Comics would stand for Disney Comics? Well my recent browsing on YouTube I've found a few mash-ups with Disney and DC Comics. The Disney Knight VS SuperMouse! Or even the Suicide Singers!

We are all getting excited to see Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad next year, so how about a few mash-ups to keep you waiting!

Oh and I'm not sure who made these so credit to whoever did.

Just an Image i found
Just an Image i found

The Beast (Beauty and The Beast) Vs Hercules

The above video is from the first trailer released, and this one below is from the second trailer of Batman Vs Superman.

The Musical Squad!!

OK I couldn't think of a good name for it so if you can think of a good one please feel free to comment below. :) And this is the Suicide Squad mash up!

How Awesome do these look!?!?!


Would you like to see a mash-up of these two universes?


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