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This was a really great episode of The Flash this week and there was a lot of stuff going on, so let's talk about it!

Harrison Wells

Like I've been saying in my recaps for the past few episodes, this guy is going to be a dick, even Cisco said it.

I know the other Harrison Wells was evil, you're not, you're just a dick

We see the team try and accept the fact that he is here to help defeat Zoom. He's not evil, but he's a dick and he is very multiplicative. He and Jay Garrick also do not like each other. The fist fight they got into was awesome! They have different views on how to defeat Zoom. We find out that Jay was a slower speedster than Barry, but he does not want him fighting Zoom yet. We listened to Jay for this season for tips, but Harrison "Harry" Wells is starting to look smarter.

One of the main themes of the next episode will be Jay Garrick trying to stop Barry from fighting Zoom, but Barry will not listen and probably get his ass kicked trying to defeat Zoom

Dr. Fate

She is Lisa Parks from Earth 2. Jay Garrick said she was not dangerous on Earth 2, but as Wells said, when you are under Zoom, things change; you cannot escape Zoom. The scene in the picture above was really cool and prior to this, Joe handed Iris a gun to protect herself and I thought to myself, "what use could a pistol have to Iris with meta humans?" We then see her shoot off Dr. Fate's helmet.

Barry and Patty

Barry and Patty finally go on their first date and Patty thought that Barry kept blowing her off but when you're dealing with Flash problems, going on a date isn't always on your mind. He had to go on the date blind and I found this funny as Cisco guided him through his glasses. Since Patty is a detective, she noticed that Barry couldn't see. They had a big goodnight kiss at the end of their date.

Barry wasn't the only one to smooch this episode. Caitlin and Jay kissed, almost, until their truck exploded. I wasn't expecting them to kiss this early, but this show is fast-running (no pun intended). Also, we met Hawkgirl this episode and she is going on a date with Cisco, so we'll see how this turns out. They could have a serious relationship, meaning we would be introduced to Hawkman whilst Cisco can build Hawkgirl's (and Hawkman's) tech.


Harrison Wells used his meta-human watch to reveal that Cisco was a meta-human and he taught him how to better control his 'vibes'. He saved the day by finding out where Dr. Fate was and by using his mirror mirage that Reverse Flash used in Season 1. He actually didn't kill Dr. Fate, but instead locked her away in S.T.A.R. Labs.


We get our first good look at Zoom and he is back on Earth 2, where he has captured Harrison Wells' daughter. He obviously knows Harrison Wells personally and he knows that he is on Earth 1, so that's where Zoom will be going next week in Episode 6. This only enhances my theory that Zoom is Barry Allen from Earth 2.

Predictions for Next Episode and So On

In Episode 6, Zoom will be coming to Earth 1 for Harrison Wells and the Flash and will also meet Jay Garrick, who he thought he killed. Iris is going to bring Linda Parks to Star Labs and tell her about the Flash. She will pretend to be Dr. Fate and lure Zoom into a trap. Obviously, Team Flash is going to fail, very badly, and shit will go down.

What did YOU guys think of this episode? Tell me below!


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