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It's been almost two decades since Harry Potter was first published and entered our lives, that's riddikulus! After all the books and movies, there still might be a few things you were unaware of about Harry Potter that you might find interesting...

1. Most of the Hogwarts crew found love

Draco Malfoy marries Astoria Greengrass, George Weasley marries Angelina Johnson, Neville Longbottom marries Hannah Abbott and Luna Lovegood marries Rolf Scamander, the grandson of the guy who wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Incase you were wondering.

2. Can't remember what I've forgotten.

Ever wonder why Neville's remembrall turned red in this scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone? It's because he forgot to wear his robes that day! Crazy right? Something so obvious was overlooked.

3. I Solemnly Swear...

Harry's son James pilfered the marauders map from his dad's desk. Someone's up to no good...Mischief Managed. Wonder what he used it for?

4. Obliviate.

A lot of people think Hermione lost her parents for good after she altered their memories for their own protection, but Rowling says Hermione got her parents back "straight away." What a relief! I don't know about you guys but I was relieved to hear that one. I wonder how she got their memories back and why they never did the same for Gilderoy Lockhart?

5. Life before Hogwarts

Finally, one question that always bugged me was prior to their acceptance letters to Hogwarts; where did the students attend school?

When Rowling was asked where wizard kids go to school before Hogwarts, she said, "Most are homeschooled, because they aren't really able to control their powers, so it would be too dangerous to let them out and about."

I was surprised to hear that honestly, considering it was never mentioned how they all learned basic math skills, etc. but I suppose it makes sense that way.

These are just 5 of the many secrets J.K. Rowling has revealed about the series. I was fascinated to learn most of them, some of them we kind of predicted ourselves. Anything you want to know about the series that wasn't explained in the books or movies?


Did these facts come as a surprise to you?


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