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Two lucky journalists have been lucky enough to see a sneak peak for the highly anticipated r rated Deadpool movie. in addition to two images it brings sixty new details about next years marvel film like easter eggs and soundtracks! below are some of the details. SPOILER ALERT

Deadpool references X-Men Origins: Wolverine by breaking the fourth wall and making fun of it.

  • Cable was close to being in the film but they chose to wait until Deadpool was on his feet. It sounds like if they get to make a sequel Cable will be part of it.
  • On set they were already planning a post-credits scene that they consider “very cool.”
  • Stan Lee will have a cameo in the film.
  • Miller said that Colossus is the gateway drug into the rest of the X-Men universe and he plays the straight man to Deadpool.
  • The film will not shy away from very graphic scenes and situations but doesn’t dwell on blood and guts. Reynolds said there are some “pretty racy, pretty hyper-violent things that happen in this movie and it’s been a lot of fun to shoot.”
  • Morena Baccarin (Vanessa) will not have any powers in the film. If they get to make a sequel that’s when you’ll see them.
  • The final Deadpool script is about 70% of the script that was leaked, “The same basic movie is there.”
  • Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool costume had a muscle layer underneath that had to be removed because Reynolds was “too ripped” and his own muscle plus the costume muscle made him look “too big.” So all the muscle we see in the film is “100% USDA Ryan Reynolds.”
  • Deadpool is Pansexual according to Tim Miller.
  • Deadpool does take place in the X-Men movie universe and as such fits into its larger timeline, and it is possible he might show up in the other movies. This affected how they wrote the script and what they were able to reference, such as the Blackbird and Professor X.
  • It was easier to put lesser known mutants in the movie, like Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Angel Dust, because it requires less approval and overhead for the larger X-Men Universe. Colossus required lots of approval and had to fit in the larger canon of the X-Men movieverse.
  • 80s and 90s music is going to be a huge part of the movie.
  • The film will have plenty of Easter eggs might reference a number of other Fox mutants. While I’m not sure, we might see silhouettes of other characters.
  • The movie will feature a number of unusual songs. When Guardians of the Galaxy came out and featured that cool soundtrack, Reynolds said, “I did have a bit of a panic attack.” On set both Reynolds and Miller made it clear that the Deadpool script had its music cues in it years before Guardians was written.
  • They have snuck in some references to other mutants out in the world throughout the film.;
  • Morena Baccarin was not familiar with Deadpool or comics in general before landing the role of Vanessa Carlisle. “She gets down and dirty and she’s not a victim, she’s not a damsel in distress.” Her character really gets into the action in this film; she’s scrappy.
  • Colossus will be 7 ft. 6 inches in the film and to the actor on set is 6 ft. 8 and wore 8 inch heels to look the part on set.
  • The first act of the film shows Deadpool using guns. The third act shows him wielding katanas.
  • Angel Dust isn’t in that many comic books so Gina Carano and the writers had to create her character from scratch. But she had a lot of fun with creating the character’s look, which includes yellow contact lenses.
  • She is the henchwoman to Ajax in the movie and has a fight scene with Colossus. When doing her fight scene in a junkyard she was more worried about spiders than anything regarding the actual stunts.
  • Garrison Kane and Wire were almost in the movie.



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