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Crimson Peak, the much anticipated gothic romance-horror from filmmaker Guillermo del Toro was on top of my 'To See List' ever since the trailer was released in May 2015.

Setting visual expectations high with films like Pan's Labyrinth (2006) del Toro did not disappoint... aesthetically, it truly was astounding.

Incredible detail was paid to set, costume, color, and the movement of these throughout the picture. No detail was neglected by the director.

The only thing that caused a stir with some was the assumption that del Toro used CGI to create his ghosts when he is invariably known for his love of practical make-up effects.

To our delight, del Toro himself clarified that his ghouls were in fact a combination of practical make-up effects and CGI. They were real actors fully covered in prosthetic make-up and enhanced with CGI in post production. Del Toro shared some images of the process on Twitter, see below.

The Crimson Peak ghosts were definitely stylized and unlike common portrayals of specter’s we are used to seeing in movies. They had a rich and deep red color; their movements were at times eerily jilted and at others fast and fluid. But I guess a large part of why they were so impactful was because the clever use of both practical and CGI effects gave them a depth, texture and movement that made them as tangible as the people they were haunting.

If you haven't had the chance to see the movie, I insist you get to it right away!

You are sure to appreciate the artistry of del Toro's cinematography and characteristic style and at the very least, get a thrill from gazing upon his fashionably grotesque ghouls.


Did you think the Crimson Peak ghouls were scary?

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