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“I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so scared!”

Once screamed by a caffeine high Jessie Spano in Saved By The Bell, and today screamed by twentysomething fans everywhere. The episode aired 25 years ago on November 3, 1990 and instantly became one of the most iconic episodes in the show's history.

For those of you who either didn't watch Saved By The Bell (as if), or don't remember this particular episode, allow me to briefly recap. The ever savvy Zack Morris realizes that three of his best friends are female and pretty hot, and thus persuades Kelly, Jessie and Lisa to form a pop-trio named Hot Sundae. Their vibe, obviously, was awesome.

Unfortunately though, Jessie Spano was already dealing with study-pressure induced anxiety and developed an addiction to caffeine pills. Joining Hot Sundae only added to her stress levels and sparked an on-screen meltdown which is still notorious today -- probably because the show likened Spano's addiction to harder drugs, but still.

Here's the scene:

Legit brilliance right there, and perfectly set Elizabeth Berkley up for her next iconic freakout in Showgirls. (Maybe).

25 years later and I bet the Hot Sundae girls could still make a pretty hot girl band. Take a look at what they, plus the rest of the Saved By The Bell youngsters, look like now:

Zack Morris - Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Kelly Kapowski - Tiffani Thiessen

A.C. Slater - Mario Lopez

Jessie Spano - Elizabeth Berkley

Screech - Dustin Diamond

Lisa Turtle - Lark Voorhies

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