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Oh, Peeta...

In an interview with DUJOUR, Josh Hutcherson admits being in a long-distance relationship can sometimes be a struggle. The Hunger Games actor has been dating Spanish actress Claudia Traisac for two years now, but with Claudia filming a TV show over in Spain, the two have to rely on technology to make things work.

“There’s a lot of traveling, a lot of Skype. I feel like I’m with you because I’m seeing you and we’re talking, but also you’re a fucking screen. It’s very frustrating.”

Even though he admits it can be difficult, he has no intention of giving up any time soon.

"It’s kind of cool. We’re doing this international thing. We’re young, we make it work.”

Skype and traveling are definitely two key ingredients in a long-distance relationship, but things can easily get very repetitive. Anyone who has ever been in a long-distance relationship will know that at some point during your Skype call you will run out of things to say to each other – it's just not natural to constantly talk.

Luckily, there are a few tools you can use to make things easier. One such tool is the website Let's Gaze, which allows couples to have a synchronized long-distance movie night together. It's a great, low-pressure option, as you can just sit back and enjoy a movie together instead of talking. We all know Katniss isn't a great conversationalist, so Peeta might appreciate this.

If you're in a long-distance relationship, why not have a movie night with your significant other tonight? With the last part of the Hunger Games franchise coming out later this month, it's the perfect time to have a marathon of all the previous movies. Here's a trailer for the upcoming movie if you're in the mood for some Panem action.

Source: DUJOUR


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