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Disney merchandise comes in all shapes and sizes and over the years, toy developers have become increasingly creative in the products that they put out.

However, sometimes it's understandable that not all of their ideas can be winners. And we should also keep in mind that there are many merchandise knock-offs all over the world that also borrow from the Disney brand.

From the bizarre, to the wildly inappropriate, the following eight toys are in a league of their own when it comes to what's totally not okay for little kids to own. See what I might mean below:

1. Mickey, what are you doing?

Does he want a hug or something more?

2. That's not how you christen the heir to the Pride Lands, Rafiki!

A new king is... boned?

3. "Not for food use, may poison food"

Whoever produced this tableware clearly didn't think it through.

4. What on Earth is the King of Jungle up to?

Chronic masturbation, that's what.

5. Ummm... Dip Sea Dooz?

As far as I recall, I don't remember any sh*tting going on in The Little Mermaid.

6. No Minnie Mouse, no!

Should this Minnie be in the adult section instead?

7. A place to put all your wishes and dreams

How lovely.

8. You want me to blow where, Belle...?!

Absolutely not child-friendly.

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