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"The name is Bond, James Bond."

Since 1962, Eon Productions has turned Ian Fleming's literary character, Royal Naval Reserve Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR — code number 007 — into one of the most famous film characters in the world, and a heartthrob to transcend generations.

But with 24 Bond films having been made by Eon Productions over the last 53 years, there is a huge wealth of Bond information and many interesting Bond facts you might not have known. And with the possibility that Daniel Craig will no longer be a part of the franchise, let's check out these 10 pieces of 007 trivia below:

1. James Bond Has Been Shot At 4,662 Times During His Career

2. While Pierce Brosnan Was 007, He Gave Away His Rights To 'Wear A Tuxedo In Any Other Film'

Yep, it might sound crazy, but it's believed this contract clause came into effect after previous Bond Roger Moore wore a tuxedo in The Cannonball Run (1981) while he was between Bond films. Obviously the tuxedo evoked an image of Moore as Bond, despite being a completely different film and genre (comedy rather than action). This clause explains why Brosnan wore a suit with an untied bow tie in The Thomas Crowne Affair.

3. Ursula Andress's Famous White Bikini Sold For £35,000 In 2001

4. George Lazenby Wasn't An Actor — He Lied About The Movies He Had Starred In To Get The Role

Third Bond Lazenby, who only starred in one film (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), pulled off quite the performance to secure his role as 007. For his audition, Lazenby wore a Rolex watch and Savile Row suit (which had actually been ordered, but not collected, by Sean Connery), as well as going to Connery's barber to get a similar haircut. Once at the audition, despite never having acted in films, he lied about the many international movies he had starred in. Eventually he revealed the truth, but the director was so impressed, Lazenby was hired regardless.

5. From Dr. No To Skyfall, James Bond Has Bedded 55 Women!

6. The Name 'James Bond' Was Picked Because It Sounded Boring

These days, the name James Bond makes people instantly think of an action star and ladies man. However, author Fleming originally chose it because he wanted to find a name "as mundane as possible." In fact, Bond's namesake is ornithologist Dr. James Bond, found by Fleming in a bird watching book!

7. After Finishing The First Draft Of Casino Royal, Fleming Bought A Gold-Plated Typewriter That He Used To Write The Remaining 13 Bond Novels

8. Bond Inspired Indiana Jones

George Lucas has revealed on several occasions that James Bond was one of the primary inspirations for Indiana Jones, specifically Connery's portrayal. When Lucas cast Connery as Indy's father in The Last Crusade, he said, "Who else but Bond could have been worthy enough to play Indiana Jones’s dad!"

9. In The Film Franchise, On Average Bond Imbibes Every 10 Minutes, 53 Seconds

10. The Name Of Fleming's Estate Is The Namesake Of The 17th Bond Film

Following a visit to Jamaica during World War II, Fleming bought an estate there, which he named Goldeneye. Many of the 14 Bond novels were written there, and eventually it became the namesake of Pierce Brosnan's Bond debut, Goldeneye. Twelve years after Fleming's death, Bob Marley bought the property.

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