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Is Teen Wolf having a movie?

I don't know if that will happen, but the Teen Wolf cast would love it. And Jeff would love to do a movie.

Jackson and Isaac returning?

We don't know that. But Jackson's story isn't finished. Isaac always says he would love to comeback.

What to expect for Teen Wolf in the future?

Season 5B:

We can expect that Malia and Stiles broke up. Kira and Scott might break up or their love will get stronger.

We might get "Stydia" we also will see some "Marrish" in the first episode.

We'll also see Brett Talbot back.

Mason will kiss either Corey or Brett. (Probably Corey, cause Cody Saintgnue (Brett Talbot) just started shooting.)

We'll see more Action and Comedy, Less Horror and Drama. We'll see more Romance, but more Action and Comedy.

Season 6:

This is a theory.

They will probably use Jackson (If they get Colton Haynes back). They will use him to finish his story line. Also Isaac will probably be back for the fans. Not get your hopes up for Allison cause she won't be back.

After Season 6: The Movie:

They are always talking about a movie. Jeff would love to do a movie. The movie would be a Thriller, Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy. With more Action and Drama. It would be something to finish the story lines and end the story after the originals. Jeff lately says that he would love to have someone else in the lead and move Scott into a Derek position. It would be about a villain, a huge one. And they would finally graduate. But we probably won't see them graduate. We'll see some of them move into College, but still contact eachother. They will talk about eachother a lot. With Stiles moving into a recuring role probably, and be on the show as much as he can, maybe only 5 episode but maybe 19 of the 20. He's becoming a great actor. We'll see him moving into college but not so far away, Lydia probably in the same college, and also moving into a recuring role, Kira (if she doesn't die) probably a little further, also Malia would probably move a little further (if she doesn't die) and we'll see them back sometime. Isaac who will go to college in Paris probably with Argent as his father figure. We'll probably see Jackson staying in the United States. But maybe a little further into college. Because he also will probably be a TV Star, with Dylan as a movie star. And Sharman doing some other stuff.

Season 7:

Liam would probably have the Co-Lead, with Scott helping him and being the Alpha and having the lead, but Liam will be in it a lot too. Brett will probably move into Beacon Hills. Mason, Corey and Hayden will also have a lead. Their will probably be a new girl into town too and a new Hale. The Hale will probably be a girl and the boy a new boy will probably be an Argent. Why have a Hale? Why have an Argent? Cause Peter, Derek, Kate, Chris, etc won't be in it anymore. It would probably be more Action, Comedy, Romance. Moving back to a Teen Show. It would be more like Season 1 and 3B mixed. The boy will be 16, and Scott 18. Theo? We won't know what happens, but in season 7 he also will be in college, or dead. Season 7 will use Eichen House and The woods. It might have The Calaveras as the villains, or something else. But this would lead to a new fanbase.

Season 8:

In Season 8 they will move forward. With the same cast of season 7. They will have Liam almost into Senior year. With his friends off course. The adventure of the pack will be going forward.

Season 9:

It would be probably the last season with the cast in Senior Year. With Stiles moving back to Beacon Hills for a while. Scott and Stiles back on the road fighting 1 last super villain with the young cast into senior year. Scott and Liam always talking and Liam being smarter. Stiles and Mason into detective position's. So it would probably be a little cooler, more Comedy, and end with "The Adventures continue."

Jake T. Austin (Who will probably be a new cast member.)

They will have people from 1993-1999 into the cast.

So this looks very cool.

It will also launch the careers of Dylan Sprayberry, Michael Johnston, Victoria Moroles, Cody Saintgnue, Khylin Rhambo, etc

Ryan Kelley won't leave, but would only be a regular in season 6. In season 7 we'll see a lot of him, in season 8 less and 9 with him moving more into the sheriff position.

This is a theory, but it's also about all what Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey say.

Teen Wolf could last 9 seasons, because Season 6 will have again a lot of views, the movie will even have more views, and they'll probably get a lot of money with what they can have a season 7, what might have less, but if they have 500.000 views that's enough to have a season 8, and in Season 8 they will have a younger fanbase and go a little up to around 750.000 views and with that they confirm season 9 and get only Dylan O'Brien back into a main role and have again around 1.000.000 views.

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