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Karly Rayner

If you've ever been idly wondering what Jessica Biel thinks about sex toys, you might be a very creative pervert, but you have also been granted your answer!

In a recent Reddit AMA alongside Saundra Pelletier of WomanCare Global on behalf of the charity, Biel told the audience that she planned to play it straight by saying:

"We could be really serious about this...or we couldn’t. I mean we could literally say something funny about...I guess we should be serious.”

Then apparently she had a severe change of heart because when she was asked about something "that got dramatically better over the years." Her answer? Nope, not women's access to education or improved maternity survival rates. Biel has something much more pertinent on her mind:


To be fair though, she is right...

(Source: Gawker via Reddit)


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