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Oh, lol. Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without at least one of the Jenner-Kardashian Klan causing some offense and -- surprise, surprise -- this year is no exception.

You'll recall 2014's Hallowed Eve when the world collectively sighed as Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick teamed up to form the bad-taste duo, 'Sheik Pussy.' Khloe snapped a selfie and posted it to Instagram with the clueless caption as its title and then freaked as the internet WTF'd in her direction. The whole thing was captured on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and perfectly highlighted how blissfully ignorant their 'reality' is.



And Pop

But Khloe isn't the only Kardashian to misunderstand how the whole cultural appropriation thing works, as Kyle Jenner proved this Halloween with her sexy 'Eskimo' costume.

Yes, yes, of course she looks hot AF, but that's not really the issue in question. The problem is that it's just a little (see: very) in bad taste.

While many will, do, and have argued that Halloween provides the opportunity for all to dress up in whatever the hell they wan't and parade around, there are some 'costumes' that are clear no-goes for anyone with an ounce of sensitivity, or a brain. Especially when that brain is constantly in the public eye.

Additionally, you would think that someone whose family member was the butt of a Halloween joke just mere months ago, they'd approach the dress-up game with care this time round.

She did change the costume name to 'Snow Princess' in the end though, so that makes things all right after all...doesn't it?

Source: Twitter, Distractify, Buzzfeed


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