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Have you ever watched a Bond film and thought to yourself: Yeah, okay, being 007 and saving the world would be great and everything, but... Don't the bad guys have so much more fun?!

Life's short - you only live twice, so why not use your license to thrill and play our game below?

Press play, and stop when you feel the urge to. You'll then be given your perfect Bond villain alter ego. Below are our incredibly accurate, top secret personality profiles that will match you perfectly. Enjoy!

1. Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Your evil side is most matched to Ernst Stavro Blofeld from SEVEN different Bond films (that basically means you’re really evil).

You’re a natural born leader, which makes you crave, naturally, taking over the world.

You sometimes form closer ‘bonds’ with your pets than you do with humans - they’re just so fluffy!

2. Red Grant

Your evil side is most matched to Red Grant, star of From Russia with Love.

You're devoted to carrying out your goals, at all costs, especially if they are motivated by revenge... such as avenging someone's death. Which is understandable, really.

Although mostly composed, some specific actions can lead you to "see Red" and lose your temper.

You enjoy travel, but have an irrational fear of travelling by train, for reasons (mostly) unknown.

3. Rosa Klebb

Your evil side is most suited to Rosa Klebb who appears in From Russia with Love.

You are happy to let people underestimate your strength, and actually use this to your advantage, using the element of surprise as a deadly weapon.

You don't see the 'point' in keeping up appearances, and often act against what others do to give you a competitive edge.

Oh, and also, you believe '3' really is the magic number.

4. Le Chiffre

Your evil side is most suited to Le Chiffre from Casino Royale.

You have a keen eye for detail, with a particular skill for numbers, which manifests itself in the form of gambling. But you usually win, so it's fine.

You like to move on from events quickly, and don't see any use in crying over spilt milk.

Money is your biggest motivation - you'll strive for profit at all costs.

5. Francisco Scaramanga

Your evil side is most suited to Francisco Scaramanga from The Man with the Golden Gun.

You have a penchant for extravagance, often carrying out your tasks with upmost care and attention, with added gravitas.

However, despite being extroverted in some ways, you tend to hide behind the scenes at times, convincing those close to you to carry out your dirty work.

6. Mr Big/Kanaga

Your evil side is most suited to Mr Big/Kanaga from Live and Let Die.

No-one can accuse you of lacking ambition - you always have big plans and generally manage to pull them off.

Your determination to succeed applies well to business, both legitimate and... less legitimately. Big up!

7. Dr No

Your evil side is most suited to Dr No from... Dr No!

Your steely determination means you won't take no for an answer, and your characters 'radiates' persistence.

People close to you are expected to achieve high standards, something you are vocal about and make well known.

Situations that make you test your mettle inspire you. Give this man a round of applause!

8. Franz Sanchez

Your evil side is most suited to Franz Sanchez from Licence to Kill.

Demanding loyalty from your friends, any deviation from this for people close to you results in drastic consequences... even when you aren't 100% certain.

You have a burning desire to become the best you can be, often at the expense of others.

9. Emilio Largo

Your evil side is most suited to Emilio Largo from Thunderball.

You dislike anyone that tries entering your patch, causing you to be extremely territorial in certain situations.

Failure is never an option for you, in fact, you can think of nothing worse. You instil this belief into people that you meet.

10. Alec Trevelyan

Your evil side is most suited to Alec Trevelyan from GoldenEye.

Loyalty isn't your strong point - you're happy to switch sides depending on your mood, and this makes you unpredictable.

Revenge is a dish you believe best served cold, and as a result, you rarely forget about those people who have crossed you.

11. Raoul Silva

Your evil side is most suited to Raoul Silva from Skyfall.

The 21st century is well suited to you - technology allows you to carry out plans efficiently, especially plans such as world domination.

Vengeance fuels you, any allows you to carry out jaw-dropping acts of revenge to anyone who upsets you.

12. Karl Stromberg

Your evil side is most suited to Karl Stromberg from The Spy Who Loved Me

You manage to keep people under control with your web of deceit. This gains people onside and allows you to carry out your plans with backup.

The human race in general disappoints you - something seems fishy about your fellow humans...

13. Hugo Drax

Your evil side is most suited to Hugo Drax from Moonraker.

People who agree with you are music to your ears, and you tend to dedicate more time to these people than those who hold different opinions.

However, your ability to daydream, which can often be inspiring, has left you feeling slightly spaced out.

14. Aristotle Kristatos

Your evil side is most suited to Aristotle Kristatos from For Your Eyes Only.

Your ability to deceive makes you the perfect choice to act on behalf of your friends, and your enemies.

Generally you do get on with people, but ocassionally you end up in the odd feud, which lasts for a long period of time. Although confrontation isn't ideal, you're not afraid to back up your beliefs.

15. General Orlov

Your evil side is most suited to General Orlov from Octopussy.

On a quest to become a hero, you can often overlook the bigger picture. But you are also aware of this, Generally.

Your friends often offer advice, and although you value this, if it doesn't fit with your long term plans, you won't listen.

16. Kamal Khan

Your evil side is most suited to Kamal Khan from Octopussy.

Elegance is definitely one of your strong points - you often get mistaken for royalty due to your demeanour.

Only the best will generally do, from the finest foods to the finest wine. Anything less just doesn't cut it.

17. Max Zorin

Your evil side is most suited to Max Zorin from A View to a Kill.

Creativity is one of your greatest gifts, which leads you to experiment with life. However, often these experiments take a dark turn, and can lead you into trouble.

Although some may call you ruthless, you don't see any other options, and are willing to go to great lengths to protect your own beliefs.

18. General Koskov

Your evil side is most suited to General Koskov from The Living Daylights.

People don't know where you stand - sometimes you'll go to great lengths to make those close to you happy, other times you'll happily cut them loose.

You generally execute your plans flawlessly, after careful planning and application.

19. Brad Whitaker

Your evil side is most suited to Brad Whitaker from The Living Daylights.

The ability to gather large numbers of people and get them on your side is one of your biggest skills. You try not to take advantage of this, but sometimes it's just too easy...

You like to compare daily events to a warzone, and carry this attitude with you wherever you go.

20. Elliot Carver

Your evil side is most suited to Elliot Carver from Tomorrow Never Dies.

Your methods of control take more subtle forms than your peers, often making the most of written word than outward violence. Violence is overrated anyway!

Using your communication skills, you've managed to pit your enemies against each other, sit back, relax, and watch the chaos unfold.

21. Elektra King

Your evil side is most suited to Elektra King from The World Is Not Enough.

Resentment from things in the past fuel today's desires, often giving you motivation.

Your ties with your family are loose, and you won't think twice about breaking loyalty to them.

22. Renard

Your evil side is most suited to Renard from The World Is Not Enough.

Although you can be cunning and discreet, you have still gained a reputation amogst your peers due to your fierce nature.

This doesn't stop you from making friends, but those you do make you keep at arms length. Who needs friends, anyway?!

23. Gustav Graves

Your evil side is most suited to Gustav Graves from Die Another Day.

It could be said that you are sometimes two-faced, misleading those around you. As a result, you are often rude, but don't mind being so.

Sarcasm is the best form of wit - you appreciate this, and often respond to situations with your dry sense of humour.

You're constantly on the go - after all, why not? You'll sleep when you're dead!

24. Mr White

Your evil side is most suited to Mr White from Casino Royale.

You decide to lead with influence, often inspiring those around you. You believe that actions speak louder than words.

Often, those you entrust have let you down, which causes you to have thick skin in certain situations.

25. Dominic Greene

Your evil side is most suited to Dominic Greene from Quantum of Solace.

Your desire to carry through with your plans can leave you feeling, at times, a little deserted. Why don't people understand?!

Always an advocate for the environment, you understand that the grass isn't always greener.

26. Max Denbigh

You appreciate that people can't be trusted, and know they must be watched at all times.

Keeping your friends close and enemies closer is one of your life's mottos, and one you stick to religiously.

Prefer to take a back seat and let technology do the talking for you, the full scale of your power can often be underestimated.

27. Nick Nack

Your evil side is most suited to Nick Nack from The Man With the Golden Gun.

You can wriggle your way out of even the most difficult situations, which helps you out in tricky spots.

Your strength is often underestimated, and you can take people by surprise.

A shrewd thinker, you often rely on being one step ahead of your peers which gives you a well deserved head start.

28. Goldfinger

Your evil side is most suited to Auric Goldfinger from... Goldfinger (unsurprisingly).

Although you rarely lose, when you do you hate it and try to win at all costs.

Getting people on your side is one of your admirable personality traits, which makes you a good leader with loyal colleagues.

Often people remark that you are hard to read and you have a good poker face.

Well done.

29. Jaws

Your evil side is most matched to classic villain Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

You have many different skills, but your ability to think on your feet is one of your biggest strengths.

You generally keep your cards close to your chest, and rarely speak unless it's completely necessary.

People that are close to you know your bark is worse than your "bite." Most of the time. You're also extremely resilient - your ability to bounce back is unmatched.

30. Oddjob

Your evil side is most matched to Oddjob from Goldfinger.

You're always on top of your game, ready to take on any challenge day in, day out. Hats off to you. You appreciate actions speaking louder than words, so you prefer to act instantly rather than discuss what you'd like to do.

Sometimes, you even surprise yourself with your own strength. As a result, you've given up playing golf because you'd crush all of your opponents. You tend to make few friends, preferring to wait until there's a spark between you.


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