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'The Movie Crypt,' is a podcast run by celebrated genre filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch. They recently interviewed director Patrick Lussier, and got him talking about his plans for the remake of Hellraiser.

Patrick Lussier was originally up to direct a new version of Hellraiser for the Weinstein Company, a project he had been writing with longtime collaborator Todd Farmer.

He reveals that they intended to take a different angle by focusing not on Pinhead but on the character of Uncle Frank and the origins of the Box.

He says they intended to keep the film “within the world of the Box,” focusing on “what the Box is and what the Box does.”

He continues:

"I think the biggest thing is, and we talked about this a lot recently, is that we have no intention of remaking Clive’s movie. It was a personal story for Clive and he is a true artist.
We offered Dimension Films something unique and different that stays true to Clive’s originality, but, at the same time, pays no disrespect to it."

News of a prequel storyline will be music to the ears of those who were worried about a straight remake of Clive Barker's classic. If something's not broke, why fix it?

Normally I'm a skeptic when it comes to horror movie reboots, but Lussier and Farmer's focus on the untold story of the Box opens up a whole new level of interest!

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The poster idea is what got co-writer Todd Farmer and Lussier in the door with the Weinstein Company. This is what Lussier had to say about it:

“We wanted to make another movie with [William] Fichtner [from Drive Angry]. Imagine two posters… Imagine Bill Fichtner on one in black combat gear, like tactical gear… He’s got a gun in his hand and he’s got three big fuckin’ nails hammered into his forehead that are dripping blood and he’s holding something in his hand, and the poster just says, ‘Rabbit.’ Then [for the second poster, it would be Fichtner’s] hand and he’s holding the box and the [poster would read], ‘Rabbit Hole,’ and that’s it.”

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