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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Mewtwo by arvalis

There's no doubting the massive influence Pokémon has had on us since they first exploded onto the western shores, and 20 years since their creation the franchise's powers show no signs of weakening.

And in homage to its influence and iconic creature design, legions of talented artists pay homage to Satoshi Tajiri pocket monsters every day with truly inspiring pieces of fan art like the ones I'm about to show you.

So here, cast your eyes over some brilliant, beautiful and utterly terrifying Pokémon fan art. Keep an eye out for Nidoking too, he's f**king terrifying, man:

1. Bulbasaur

by Drawings of Pokémon

2. Dragonair

by catandcrown

3. Jigglypuff

by V4m2c4

4. Machamp

by CommandoFilis

5. Caterpie VS Weedle

by Simon Gangl

6. Charizard

by Ruth-Tay

7. Realistic Magmar

by Namh

8. Pikachu

by LindseyWArt

9. Porygon

by crow-and-arrow

10. Nidoking

by JRCoffronIII


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