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Total War: Warhammer sounds pretty exciting doesn't it? Combining the gameplay elements of the popular tabletop and online Warhammer game worlds with the tactical strategy of the Total War computer games, The Creative Assembly and Games Workshop have combined forces to create what is shaping up to be a highlight of the 2016 release schedule.

Richard Aldridge, The Creative Assembly games designer, spoke to WCCF at Paris Games Week this past weekend about Total War: Warhammer and revealed a little more about the upcoming game, including core factions and what kind of downloadable content we can expect when it releases next April.

The Core Factions & Campaigns

Regarding the various factions that appear in-game, despite earlier claims that the core factions would be comprised of Empire, Dwarves, Greenskins and Vampire Counts in [Total War: Warhammer](tag:3627632) this doesn't mean that the Chaos Warriors will have fallen by the wayside.

"Chaos Warriors still got a very strong roster of units. All the factions have a sizeable roster, in fact; what we’re showing today at Paris Games Week of Dwarves and Greenskins, that’s just a small amount of what will be in the full game."

So whilst it sounds like Chaos Warriors will feature heavily, his comments do make it likely that the others may be more prevalent in-game.

Of the campaigns themselves Aldridge remained pretty tight lipped, saying only that mercenaries will feature in some form. We're going to have to wait for more information though, as campaign features will be announced by The Creative Assembly over "the next few weeks or months".

Trading Mechanics

When questioned whether for example Dwarves will be able to trade with the Vampire Counts Aldridge responded that Total War: Warhammer will feature elements typical to the Total War series such as diplomacy, trade, economy and technologies, though perhaps not in the same forms we've encountered them before. Cryptic.

He goes on to point out that the various strengths and weaknesses of the different races and factions will tie into how the diplomacy and trade elements play out in the coming game:

"Some races are more suited for certain things, such as Orcs. They’re not much of a diplomatic race, to work together they have the system of WAAGH where the Orc warlords are essentially trying to bring out Orcs and Goblins from the Badlands and form a big WAAGH to go rampaging around. Whereas the Empire is all about taking the Elector Counts from the different regions and trying to get them to work together."

Narrative & Gameplay

Something pretty interesting that came up was the specifics of the gameplay and setting, unlike some previous games Total War: Warhammer will be both a sandbox and single story based game, where the player can choose whether to complete or skip around certain quests if they don't fancy doing them.

"The great thing [is] it’s both. We do have a storyline for you to be involved with, we have the quests, you don’t have to complete them but if you do you’ll get items like Ghal Maraz, and if you’re successful you can equip Karl Franz with it."
Karl-Franz awwaaaaaay
Karl-Franz awwaaaaaay

Additionally the game will have a concrete narrative ending; though Aldridge didn't give much away it looks like there's an endgame involving Chaos and the Emperor Karl-Franz, but we're going to have to play our way through the game for more details about that.

Additionally, in keeping with previous games in the Total War series, there will be a multiplayer feature, incorporating elements of both single-battle and campaign modes.

DLC's & Lack Of Mod Support

You may know by now that there's not going to be modding support for Total War: Warhammer, something which has been subject to much contention in the fanbase. In response to why The Creative Assembly decided not to include this Aldridge explained:

"We’re working with this IP and we want to be authentic and we need to respect it."

Since Warhammer is the intellectual property of Games Workshop, not The Creative Assembly, there's a limit to how much CA can open the game up to the community, and so it doesn't look like there's going to be any scope for mods this time around, which is a shame as that's half the fun of PC.

It's not all bad though; we're still getting a bunch of DLCs, as well as some which will be free of charge for all players:

"There will be a number of DLCs and free DLCs for the community, adding content to the game over time. An example of the free ones is Wurrzag, a legendary lord for the Greenskin and everyone will get him for free. He obviously has his own quest to go on, a background story, something exciting for you to play with."

Chaos Warriors

Lastly Aldridge addressed the controversy around the fact that the Chaos Warriors were to be featured as a pre-order DLC pack rather than being incorporated as part of the game as standard.

According to Aldridge The Creative Assembly are taking all the negative feedback seriously and intend to address the problem come release date, but he was fairly cryptic about what the role of Chaos will be in Total War: Warhammer, and how the pre-order DLC fits into it:

"We understand that people expect Chaos to be in the game and Chaos will be in the game, regardless of whether you pre-purchased the DLC or not. Without giving away too much, they’re kind of the “baddies” of the game so they will feature. If you do decide to pre-purchase or maybe buy the DLC later on, that means you get additional playable legendary lords and additional units. So yeah, Chaos will be in the game, as it should be."

Hmm, whatever you say Aldridge, not sure if we're quite convinced yet.

Total War: Warhammer is set for release on April 28, 2016, and you can find more information about it and watch the trailer on the official website.


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