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(Warning - the following contains some mild speculation about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some of which could be considered to contain potential SPOILERS. Set your phasers to 'caution'...)

Now, there are a whole lot of reasons for the rise to global prominence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from the underlying popularity of the characters, via the hugely successful marketing and production decisions of Marvel Studios, all the way through to the timing of the movies' arrival. One element that perhaps doesn't get quite as much credit as it deserves, however, is the films' casting. From Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark down to supporting roles like Andy Serkis' Ulysses Klaue, the movies have managed to translate a diverse array of comic book heroes and villains into compelling on-screen entities, in large part as a result of near-perfect casting throughout.

With the DC Cinematic Universe proving an increasingly stern source of competition in that department, though, could there be cause for concern as far as the future of the MCU is concerned?

Well, it sure doesn't look like it, seeing as...

Yet Another Star of a Major Franchise Has Revealed They'd Like to Join the MCU

This time around, it's Star Trek in the spotlight - with Alice 'Carol Marcus' Eve having recently revealed her interest in following her Star Trek Into Darkness costar Zoe Saldana into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking to Film Fad as part of a Q&A for her upcoming (Chris 'Captain America' Evans directed) movie Before We Go, Eve had this to say:

"You know I’m a huge fan of the Marvel movies...They obviously are hugely important in our society right now and the ability to kind of innovate cinema has been amazing. I think everyone into them should be grateful for them for reviving such an interest in it. It’s like a cult following on a massive scale now with these movies. So yeah, I’m a huge fan of theirs and I think Kevin [Feige] is an incredibly talented man who has turned this thing around. So, yeah if the thing was right, I’d love to talk to them."

Which is about as blunt a "come get me" plea as you're ever likely to hear.

With Eve reportedly having been close to appearing in the MCU before, though (she was considered for Peggy Carter, before Hayley Atwell made the role her own), we thought we should probably ask:

What Roles Could Alice Eve Play in the MCU?

Well, as it turns out, there's a fair few going - the relative lack of female heroes and villains up till now being frustrating, but having the silver lining of leaving a whole lot of classic roles uncast.

Here, then, are three of the leading options:

3. Captain Marvel

It's something of a long-shot, seeing as Marvel is widely expected to go for a slightly more high-profile actor for the title role in the company's first female-led franchise, but Eve certainly fits the bill of badass and blonde.

Whether she'd be seen as leading hero material, though, remains to be seen.

An alternative option, then?

2. Valkyrie

A character heavily rumored to turn up in Thor: Ragnarok, Valkyrie's comic book history is...complicated, but suffice to say she's an Asgardian warrior with a history of working with both the Avengers and the Defenders. In other words, she'd make a natural, franchise-spanning role for a talented actor like Eve.

Speaking of potential Thor: Ragnarok roles, though, there's also...

1. The Enchantress

A longtime foe (and on-again off-again love interest) of Thor, Amora the Enchantress has become a fan-favorite, in part for her distinctive costume. She was also nearly featured in The Avengers - with Eve heavily linked to the role. That may not have worked out in the end, but with Thor: Ragnarok on the horizon, she could be an intriguing role for Eve to finally make her own.

The big question, though?

What do you reckon?



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