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If you watch The Flash or you're a fan of the comics, you will be pleased to know that Jesse Quick is coming in the form of Violett Beane, who was introduced on the show's last episode as Harrison Wells' daughter. In the comics, her father is Johnny Quick, a.k.a. Jonathan Chambers.

She's badass, but what else is there to consider about her potential role?

What else do we know about this super fast character?

After finding out a super complex mathematical formula of some kind of higher dimension, Chambers was able to garner super-speed. He was inspired by Jay Garrick and created a look and a code name, hence turning into Johnny Quick.

It's his daughter Jesse, who he had with fellow Justice Society compatriot Liberty Belle, that took on his heroic and comically historic legacy and ability to be super fast. Jesse most often worked with either the JSA or other speedy folks like Wally West, Bart Allen and Max Mercury. She developed a career focused on speed, working for the Titans and the JLA.

So, we see it's clear that Quick is pretty impressed by The Flash, but we also know that Wells' philosophy on the metas (Zoom in particular) has changed significantly.

We also know that Johnny Quick might have some evil tendencies, as he appeared in a dark, twisted version of the Justice League at one point. He's not necessarily a good character.

Wells could have very easily been busy researching speed this whole time, but is his daughter just going to follow in his footsteps or carve her own path?

Here's a scene of Harrison Wells meeting The Flash on the show.



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