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*Warning. Serious Spoilers For The Flash Lie Ahead!*

Zoom has underlined all five episodes of The Flash Season 2, despite making very few appearances on screen. He's been integral in constructing the narrative of Season 2 by gifting team Flash with a monster to tackle every week while looming somewhere unseen, ready to race in and ruin everyone's day.

Zoom's intentions are clear: he hates other speedsters and wants to eliminate them. We also know his origins, Earth 2 -- with his powers likely having been inherited from Wells in some parallel universe particle-accelerator accident.

What we don't know is Zoom's identity. It's possible of course that he's just some random guy; not everyone has to be a doppelgänger or someone familiar, right? Surely it's possible that they'll finally best Zoom, only to remove his mask to reveal an unknown face.

"Who are you?" The Flash could ask, bewildered and exhausted from a monstrous brawl, possibly with Wally West, Jesse Quick and a suited-up Cisco Vibe at his flanks. "I'm Steve," Zoom could reply, "I'm a plumber back on Earth 2. I got some powers and decided to kick some superhero ass."

But where would the fun be in that? No, Zoom is likely to be someone we already know. Earth 2 Cisco, Barry Allen, Henry Allen... it could literally be anyone. Except Harrison Wells; no, definitely not him.

Although now that I mention it, a lot of people in The Flash seem to be Harrison Wells, or a Wells doppelgänger, or a fake Wells.

The CW Has Released an Extended Trailer for Episode 6 of The Flash

The trailer begins with team Flash discussing a plan to take on and eliminate Zoom, once and for all. This eventuality was certainly foreshadowed in The Flash: 'The Darkness and The Light,' however, it's a huge leap for the show.

Not that I'm opposed to the idea of a more mature, powerful and courageous Flash, with a team of allies ready to dive into a fight with their greatest nemesis yet... it just seems so soon!

Anyway, their plan seems simple enough. They have Dr. Light's doppelgänger, Linda Park, on their side, who they're going to disguise as her Earth 2 counterpart in order to trick Zoom into thinking that she's killed Barry.

Linda Park will then throw The Flash's emblem through a portal to summon Zoom, at which point Team Flash will presumably throw all hell at one seriously p****d off speedster.

I have to admit, I admire the plan. It's moments like these that show The Flash has really blossomed as a television series. Yes, last season they constructed a containment field to trap Reverse Flash, but this is something else. There's something about seeing Joe and Wells armed with what look like anti-speedster tech rifles that just looks awesome!

I'm guessing the showdown probably won't go the way they're expecting, and that this could be the inspiration Zoom needs to finally stop sending metas to fight his battles for him.

The team are also burdened by an inexperienced Dr. Light and Wells... who could have mixed loyalties. His daughter is a prisoner after all, and Earth 2 Wells is a new and untested addition to the team.

So what can we expect from the next episode of The Flash. It's almost certain that we'll see a showdown between Barry and Zoom, which will be spectacular, but what will be the outcome? Will they capture Zoom, even kill him, or will Zoom get the better of Barry?

What do you hope so see in next week's episode, and what are your predictions?

Watch the promotional trailer below and let us know what you think!



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