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Day 4 of 22


There isn't really any news today sadly. Although, an old cover for Unlikely Friends was found. It's the same cover as the current one, but with the old title and less zoomed in.

Picture of the Day

Poor Kiara, caught in a stampede like her dad was. She looks so scared, and I'm scared for her! I know she'll (most likely) end up alright, but the emotion in her face alone gives me intense feelings of worry.

Things to Ponder

"Does The Lion Guard take place pre-Lion King 2?"

There's debate when The Lion Guard takes place. Does it take place before Lion King 2? During? It could work either way actually. If it takes place before, in Lion King 2, Kion might be busy with Lion Guard duties or playing with his friends. Kiara then would have to play on her own. I discussed this situation a bit differently, here.

If it takes place during, then Kovu could just be training with Zira, and thus not shown. Kiara probably thinks she'll never see him again do to her dad's rules and won't talk about Kovu. Then the second half of Simba's Pride could play out in the same ways discussed in the link above.

What I'm doing Today

Watch We Bare Bears

Watch Kirby Buckets

Watch Good Mythical Morning

Watch Chaotic

Work on my Disney Tumblr

Play around on a Truth or Dare generator


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