ByNate Edwards, writer at

Syfy is going to be coming out with a new TV show next year titled Krypton. So far all we know is that it takes place 200 year before Man of Steel.

But how deep will it go? Will it introduce us to the El's? Will we see the start of potential huge villains?

We can't be for sure, but here's what I think. I think the show will center around a scientist that's not related to the El's, but possibly a villains ancestors. Or they could make up something to say that aging on Krypton is slow, then we could be introduced into a Young Jor-El.

The Plot

I think it will have a young scientist that is against the artificial babies. And he is studying the effects of long space travel. But discovers something. Krypton might possibly be destroyed and he prevents it for the time being and the rival scientist is a machine... And his name is Braniac.


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