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The hype train for Tom Clancy's The Division will be running for almost three years when it finally receives its release date in March of 2016. Lately it seems that its been running out of some serious steam, something which happens when you delay your game to this extent! So naturally, we're all keeping busy with various other titles until then, but for some, the wait may be pretty tough.

Therefore, we thought we'd give you a list of some incredible games that need your attention. We'll mostly focus on some titles that have similarities to The Division, but I'll throw in some other must-plays for good measure. If you know of any other games fans of The Division might like, let us know in the comments below!

Best Games to Play Before Tom Clancy's The Division!

The Division
The Division

First off, we'll focus on some pretty great MMOs, online experiences, and team-based action games that may keep you hooked for hours on end:

  • DayZ - Originally a mod for Arma II, DayZ has garnered a rather massive following considering it's still technically in development. In this game you're tasked with surviving in a brutal landscape of zombies, and the most terrifying thing of all, online gamers! An excellent title you should check out with some exemplary PvP.
  • H1Z1 - Basically a worse alternative to DayZ, H1Z1offers a lot of similar gameplay mechanics to the above, but at a cheaper price. It's by no means a bad game, but know that it is in a testing stage right now. Still a bit of fun!
  • Guild Wars 2 - This is a full-on MMO, so gamers who've never taken to the likes of World of Warcraft should stay clear. But even still, Guild Wars 2 is an incredible accomplishment. It's massive, it's beautiful, and as of recently, IT'S FREE! Check it out, you may fall in love!
  • Left 4 Dead - This is an astounding team-focused game from Valve. If you haven't checked it out yet, then you've found your game to be playing for the next few months.
Tom Clancy's The Division
Tom Clancy's The Division
  • Destiny - Bungie's controversial title kind of has to be mentioned seeing as the game has been compared to The Division on multiple occasions. The Taken king has greatly improved a lot of the initial game's frustrations, so now could be the time for you to become a Guardian!
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2/Siege - The Rainbow Six series can be very challenging, but it has some of the greatest team-based gameplay out there. Whether it be Vegas 2 (a must-play) or the upcoming [Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege](tag:2768317), you definitely need to try out these games!

Next up, let's hop into some games that aren't really like Tom Clancy's The Division, but have similar elements that will bring you into some exciting new genres. Mostly RPGs:

  • Mass Effect 2 - Really you should play every single Mass Effect game if you've yet to experience them! But seeing as this is probably the best title in the franchise (and it's actually free this month for Playstation Plus owners) you should probably focus on this one if you don't have a lot of gaming time on your hands!
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 - With [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985), Hideo Kojima has released the greatest stealth game in the history of the art form. Additionally, Metal Gear Online, which comes with the game, is a good indication of what it might be like to play The Division. You simply have to play one of 2015's best games!
Tom Clancy's The Division
Tom Clancy's The Division
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - A bit of a stretch from The Division, but this Deus Ex title has an exceptional campaign for you to blast through, complete with an RPG progression system that is guaranteed to satisfy!
  • Obsidian Games - You want a good RPG? Obsidian Entertainment have been involved in some of the greatest of the genre! Examples you say? Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and the recent masterpiece, Pillars of Eternity!
Tom Clancy's The Division
Tom Clancy's The Division

What Are You Playing Before the Release Date of The Division?

Want some more random must-plays? BAM: The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Red Dead Redemption, Dark Souls! I'm out people, if you have any other games you think we should have stuck on our list, then let us know in the comments below!


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