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Bill, how did you do it? It's definitely Bill's strategy, and definitely Ford(Six Fingers), played a part as Bill's pawn along with Gideon of course.

Grunkle Ford
Grunkle Ford

Ford obviously played the biggest part because he did summon Bill in the first place to gain some insight on the mysteries of Gravity Falls and to complete his research. Which leads me to the biggest question, is Ford the biggest person to blame? I mean yeah, his incessant obsession to gain back his track to becoming the most revered person through his research technically did cause this and definitely him building the portal was a very big mistake because I'm very sure he didn't think about it. And just went with it because he fully entrusted Bill.

And of course that trust backfired.
But wait, what about Stan?

Grunkle stan
Grunkle stan

Yeah Stan sure did play his part in causing the apocalypse, and if you remember the first season, in some episodes, he sure seemed sure that there was an apocalypse coming about. Sure you could argue that it was just a joke to the apocalypse preppers, but seriously think about it. In many terms, Stan is mostly like Bill, he kinda likes to fool and trick people into thinking that they want something or that they're getting something that they want.

And that's one very strong similarity between Stan and Bill. But certainly, we can also argue that there was no way Stan was going to let his brother go, because he was once close to Ford and he wouldn't want to let his only living family that he was close to, just because of a little fight. And that's strangely something Dipper has as a trait as well.

Which would mean Dipper had a part to play, but first, let's talk about Gideon, just because, he is one of Stan's biggest nemesis before Bill came in.

Lil Gideon
Lil Gideon

Definitely, Gideon was the trigger to summoning Bill once more. Just because Ford did it once, and managed to keep him out of this dimension and only allowed Bill to still exist in the mindscape only.

But because Gideon was a little like Ford in that he technically wanted to use Bill so that he could get a leg up on the competition and finally beat Stan at his game. But it definitely worked in his favor, well at least for the time being. And as Dipper tried his best to talk some sense to Gideon I guess it did click in his head like it made sense that he would always be the subordinate to Bill and kinda like his minion. But I definitely think the Bill Cipher Wheel is going to be an integral part just because, we saw it two times, the first was in the book of course and then another time with Gideon making a deal with Bill(I guess you could say that counts as both times Gideon that called upon Bill)

Bill Cipher wheel
Bill Cipher wheel

Which of course leads me to the rest of the Pines group, meaning the focus of the whole show which are Mabel and Dipper.

But let's talk about Dipper first;


Dipper is definitely somebody who embodies Ford more than he does Stan although, they still share some similarities, obviously confirming that they are family of course but still.
Just like Ford he chooses to keep some things a secret.
It didn't always start out that way, remember when he first found the Journal?
He chose to share it with Mabel, why? Well there's a very simple explanation. He definitely knew that he was going to need help in his investigations as did Ford did with Mcgucket but obviously, he knew that his sister was his closest friend and the closest person he knew at that point of time.
But when Ford came back he made Dipper promise to keep some things secret from his sister and/or Stan and I can understand why, it's just that, I think it just made things a little bit more complicated then they were and if Dipper chose to ignore Ford's advice and chose to tell Mabel, then all of it wouldn't have happened. But then again, what's done is done right?
Which then leads me to the second part and definitely the most important one, which is of course Mabel;


Mabel being the colorful person that she is embodies Stan more than Ford, showing again the contrast and the similarities that they both have. But Mabel is definitely someone a little more special. She's someone who represents innocence as well. But of course she understands a lot of other things as well, and she comes to realize that as well, which is the coming of Pacifica as well as Ford. And of course she wouldn't take her brother leaving her very well, I mean that's just something you don't expect to happen especially if you were close to them. And I'm not going to reiterate whatever I've said before, but I will say this. I think I identify with Mabel just because I understand more, and although not the best of choices, I don't think she was thinking rationally at that point, but of course that's also the point. While Dipper and Ford mostly represented the brain, the thinking logical part of the body, Mabel and Stan kinda represented the heart, because both are actually very soft, and of course Stan uses charm to cheat his way of course, but the things they do are still very filled with love.

And her being shown encapsulated in the bubble that had her sign on it which was of course the shooting star, makes it the more questionable. I mean Bill technically said it was madness bubbles but what if the wheel is a representation of Bill. Like the only way to close the rift in the dimension back is those, who were on the wheel, but then again he did burn the books, perhaps indicating, that that probably wouldn't work as well. But if the wheel can be drawn to summon him, I think it can be drawn to capture him as well.

And of course a lot of people were saying he usually does give people what they want, and what if through the loopholes Cipher usually finds, that in the bubble, it's kind of a torture place of it's own, without it being to obvious. Like a paradise with a lot of hidden agenda behind it.

Then there's Time Baby but he didn't really play a part although I honestly thought there would be like a big gigantic fight between the two and given the future Mabel and Dipper went into at one point I could definitely see why he was concerned, because technically Bill is fast forwarding the time line.

But at the end of the day is there really anybody to blame?
Yes, and no.
While it is true that many people played a part in summoning Bill and the codes at the end of the recent episode Weirdmaggeddon part 1 suggested that everything is going to fall on the Pines, and only some of them would survive and I think that's doubly confirmed when Bill said "it's finally, pine-ally happening", clever word play Bill, well played. It's also important to note that Bill is a master strategist. From the first time Bill was summoned by Ford, he invites Ford to play chess, an inter-dimensionally known strategy game, according to Bill. And from then on, it's heavily implied, and confirmed by Bill was that he put his moves into play by making deals with people. So the truth of the matter is everyone is to be blamed because they each had their part to play, and of course that's with the exception of Soos, Wendy and the other secondary characters of course, but surely Bill will always find a way. In the end, I think that everything happens for a reason and that it's too late to buy gold.


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