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As many fans enjoyed their weekly dose of the flash,few moments about Earth 2 and

*spoiler alert* Harrison wells of course the legit one also from Earth 2 just left me bewildered

OK so I'll get on with it When Jay and Caitlin were having their cute moment in the car spying on Linda jay Garrick brought up Atlantis and clearly mentioned he had a best friend who came from Atlantis as it was no longer underwater............... Ba Dum Tiss yup guys he most probably was hinting at Aqua Man,would that mean The justice League has already formed in Earth 2 will we get to see all the justice league heroes well mainly Batman i hope that we do but due to the whole CW/DCCU universe issues i don't think that will be possible.

Secondly lets talk about Harrison Wells *spoiler Alert* He's back and he's not your average mother killing speedster sadly he's more of the serious and normal kind of Harrison wells.

Anyway that's not the point the point is that he created a Meta Human detecting watch thingy on Earth 2 and brought it with him to Barry Allen's Normal Earth (only with meta humans) and in the middle of a heated discussion Harrison uses his Watch thingy to show Barry that

*spoiler Alert* Cisco indeed is a meta human.

Though what caught my eye is the fact that when Harry (Harrison Wells) waved his watch over Caitlin it did not show her as a Meta Human, it was a small glimpse in fact it's so small that you cant even see the watch while Harry tries to prove his point ( which is if Cisco really is a meta human).So my question here is will Caitlin get her powers later on due to the re invention of the particle accelerator (if it ever happens) or is it due to something that triggers her powers just like it did for Cisco when the Eobard Thawne ripped Cisco's chest and the flashbacks came back in a different timeline ?

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