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The future for the Hulk is up in the air. Though it is confirmed that the Avenger will appear in the Phase 3 film- Ragnarok, many fans are still upset that another Hulk movie is not in the near future. While there are several reasons why moviegoers may want another Hulk film, one factor that is prominent is seeing more supporting characters from Hulk's story. It would be great to see a cinematic version of characters like Rick Jones; but out of all of Hulk's supporting cast: a certain superheroine is long overdue to make an appearance. With Hulk's various appearance on the silver screen, we have yet to see a cinematic adaption of She Hulk. Since gaining powers after her cousin Bruce donated his blood, She Hulk has been a prominent (and loved) character in Marvel Universe. Having this character appear in the MCU could be another great addition to the studio's expanded franchise. Unfortunately the best way to introduce She-Hulk would be to feature her in a Hulk movie, but that scenario does seem likely. However there are other ways to bring She Hulk into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The first thing to do when bringing She-Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is trying to tell establish origin. As noted, Jennifer Walters gains her abilities when she gains the blood of Bruce Banner. However without another Hulk movie, bringing these two character together is easier said then done (though it is not impossible). Fortunately, there are other ways for She-Hulk to gain the abilities of her cousin without Bruce Banner being present. In The Incredible Hulk, Bruce's blood was synthesized thanks to the work of Stern. Maybe Jennifer stumbles across her cousin's synthesized blood turning her into the She Hulk. This way may not be as emotional as having a personal donation from Bruce Banner, but it could be an effective approach in bringing in She Hulk to the MCU.

With a Hulk movie not appearing any time soon, what would be the best way in bringing She Hulk into the MCU? Fortunately the universe continues to grows, so there are number of possibilities to introduce She Hulk into Marvel's properties. The heroine could be a supporting character in a Phase 3 film. Marvel is no stranger to introduce popular characters in their films' supporting cast. The only issue I see with this idea is which movie would be a good fit for She Hulk? Looking at the lineup for Phase 3, none of the upcoming films seem to be a good place to bring She Hulk into the MCU. So if there is not a movie that could work for She Hulk, maybe the best way to introduce this character in the Cinematic Universe is through Marvel's televised properties. I could see She Hulk appearing in Agents of SHIELD. Though I could not see the character become a full time cast member, She Hulk could definitely work on Agents of SHIELD as a reoccurring character.

Then again perhaps the better approach of bring She Hulk into the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be to introduce her in one of Marvel's Netflix series. Much like Punisher in next season of Daredevil, She Hulk could be introduce in an additional season of Jessica Jones, or Luke Cage. Better yet, maybe She Hulk could have her own Netflix series. Having a She Hulk series could prove to be useful as would not only bring another element to Marvel's Netflix shows, but it could be a great way to continue the Hulk's story without having a another movie on the strongest Avenger.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe's constant expansion, seeing a live action She Hulk is no longer an impossibility; and with the studio's new branches, there are several ways to bring this superheroine into the MCU. The question now is will Marvel take this leap forward and bring She Hulk into the fold. Only time will tell whether or not we see a cinematic adaption of She Hulk; but if she does appear in a Marvel film or television series, then it will definitely be another great addition to the MCU ensemble.


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