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I know, I know. The Big Bang Theory is a FAKE geek show, filled with few real jokes and a lot of forced laughter brought on by that terrible laugh track. (Why on EARTH are shows still using laugh tracks? The only reason I can guess is because they aren't funny on their own.)

BUT, I can't deny that it draws you in. I avoided it for 5 years before it grabbed a hold of me. Its mainstream nerdism is almost hypnotic.

And so, I watch it. I hate that I watch it. I hate that I love it. But I do.

But even if I didn't love it so much that I hate myself, I would still love this Pop! Let's review.

The Review:

This is the first Pop I ever bought that had a body completely unlike the standard ones. It's straight, it's plain, it's thin. It's Sheldon, alright.

Straight relaxed hands, sneakers, a double-layered shirt, it's all wonderfully designed.

The shirt is the big draw - a Green Lantern T-shirt that Sheldon has worn on the show many times. It's beautiful. I'm very glad that DC has the deal with the Big Bang Theory, so they didn't have to come up with generic non-hero geek shirts. These are the kind of shirts real geeks wear.

The head is also simple, featuring just a little tuft of hair on the front.

All-in-all... it's wonderful.

There are several variations of this Pop. Sheldon (Batman Shirt) was a 2012 Comic Con exclusive and is currently valued at $47.00. Sheldon (Flash Shirt) is an Astro-Zombies exclusive, which is a famous comic shop in Albuquerque, NM (also my main comic shop stop) and is currently selling there for $17.00, but is often resold from collector's for about $25.00. Sheldon (Hawkman Shirt) was a 2012 Comic Con exclusive, like the Batman version, and is valued at $37.00. Sheldon (Superman Shirt) was also a 2012 Comic Con exclusive and is valued at $35.00. There are also a couple Sheldon-as-Spock Pops out there, but I don't consider those variants of this particular Pop and I'll cover those in the future.

Rating: 10/10

Pros: Spot on, stylized body at a time when this was rare. DC collaboration. Green Lantern, baby. Perfect representation of a geek with a social disorder.

Cons: I hate that I love this show.

Estimated Value: $11.00

(Valuations are taken from the Pop Price Guide.)


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