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The previous night's Agents of SHIELD was heavy. Some major revelations about a certain character, some background info about another and a new character was introduced. Two things popped for me as important in the episode, Among Us Hide:

1. Gideon Malick was in Marvel's The Avengers

Last night we were introduced to Power Booth's character Gideon Malick, a apparent HYDRA big wig. But it wasn't the first time we saw him in the MCU, was it?

Nope, he was in the original Avengers movie as a member of the World Security Council. I think it's the same character, same actor. Why cast such a recognizable figure like Powers Booth in both Avengers and Agents of SHIELD and not have him be the same guy?

There's also plenty of evidence that Gideon Malick was a HYDRA plant back then. We know HYDRA had lots of sleeper agents, among them a Senator and SHIELD Senior Member.


First, The Council (under the apparent leadership of Malick) wanted Fury and SHIELD to study the Tesseract and get it to work, nothing else. It shows that HYDRA (a beautiful parasite within SHIELD) wanted to continue the Red Skull's work on the Tesseract and to limit SHIELD's power as a global peacekeeping force.

Two, the Council (with Malick again leading the charge) wanted Fury to nuke New York City in order to close the portal (world domination by a force other than themselves wasn't in HYDRA's master plan). The destruction of New York would also foment the chaos that HYDRA hoped to bring in order to rule the world. Luckily, Fury rebelled and used Iron Man to divert the nuke to outer space. At the end of the movie, Malick was upset that he couldn't keep track or control the Avengers.

So where was he during Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Perhaps the World Security Council has term limits when they're in power. Don't forget Jenny Agutter, who starred next to Booth in Avengers on the Council and was there in holographic form in the beginning of Winter Soldier--but she was apparently saved by Black Widow, who took her place at the Triskelion. All evidence shows she's not HYDRA. Gideon Malick's time as a Council member was apparently up by the time Winter Soldier came around.

Now he's lounging around skyscrapers drinking alcohol. He's apparently a family friend of the Von Strucker's and Kid Von Strucker went to Uncle Gideon for advice and a place to hide from Ward. His conversation with Ward shows he's not afraid of him and also that he's wants to be in on HYDRA's new leadership. That same conversation with Ward reeked with the same justifications he used in order to nuke New York.

The Marvel Wikia also agrees with me:

What will he mean to the new, meaner, leaner HYDRA?

2. Andrew is Lash!

There have been rumors, but I mostly ignored them or didn't believe them! But then we found out the Andrew, May's ex and SHIELD's psychologist. I'll be honest, I didn't see that coming. Andrew was introduced last season as May's embattled and non-mysterious ex-husband.

We found out that first Andrew survived Werner Von Strucker's gas and lighter attack somehow. According to Werner, he did that because he's not human. He transformed into Lash:

Apparently, Andrew/Lash wasn't always Inhuman, he must be one of the new "Enhanced" individuals. Must have taken fish oil during his vacation with May over the summer. Also explains why he took off on her, this time being the one in the marriage who left.

He can also apparently change at will. He's kind of like the Hulk, where he can change back and forth. Is he controlled by anger like the Hulk, does he have these crazy dimensional powers when he's not in Lash form? Why even have a Lash form?

Why is he doing this? Is his brain so scrambled that he just wants to blindly kill all Inhumans for doing this to him? Not sure about that--he has a plan. He could have killed Daisy and Coulson at any time. He's refusing active duty to the Inhumans that the Secret Warriors have found and is making SHIELD dependent on him. But what is his master plan? And what will May do to stop him?


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