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***Spoilers for Superman : Red son.***

What happens in the desert scene in Batman v Superman still remains a mystery, here are our thoughts.


Though Batman's suit looks unfamiliar it actually looks a bit like the suit of Batman from the Elseworlds comic Superman red son.

Batman from Su
Batman from Su

It is kinda confirmed that it is a dream sequence by naming it "Knightmare Batman" but why is he so different from the real one? We wont be expecting full-blown Russian Batman but there has to a reason. Who dreams with such imagination.


The trailer shows many soldiers with "a symbol of hope" on their arms. This doesnt blend in well with the plot of the movie but this could the movie's version of Superman's army. In the Red Son comic, Superman has an army of robots with citizens inside who oppose his rule.

This brings our first post here to end.



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