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SPOILERS FOR THE FLASH EPISODE 5: The Darkness and the Light

If you saw The Flash yesterday,we know that Barry fought Doctor Light (Lynda Parker) from another dimension.And Doctor Wells helped Barry to defeat Doctor Light.We won't talk about that.First up Cisco's powers:

1.Cisco told his friends about his powers.Well he didn't told them but Wells did.Cisco used Doctor Light's helmet to find her and somewhere at the end they gave Cisco his superhero name THE VIBE!We can only hope that Cisco will get his own costume and go with Barry to fight other meta-humans.I would love to see this kind of costume.

Up next my favorite theory that Aquaman could appear on The Flash.

2.In the scene where Caitlin and Jay Garrick talk about both of their worlds.Caitlin asks Jay has he ever been on Tahiti Jay responded no but then he said that his favorite place is Atlantis where the Atlantis is above water in Earth-2.He then said that one of his best friends lives there.We were all thinking about AQUAMAN! So we could see Aquaman come to Earth-1 and team-up with Barry,Cisco,Wells,Jay and Caitlin to fight Zoom.

That would be the best episode EVER!



Will Aquaman appear in The Flash?


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