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This morning kicked off with bang -- or rather, with a beam of familiar blue light. After teasing his twitter followers for nearly a day, actor John Boyega released an all-new poster for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) featuring his character, Finn, with what fans know as the Skywalker Family lightsaber.

Finn Ignites The Saber

He has something to fight for.
He has something to fight for.

While this isn't even close to the first time we've seen the ex-stormtrooper hold the weapon, the poster is still stunning.

Princess Leia At Her Command

Oh Luke, don’t ask for the moon, we have the force.
Oh Luke, don’t ask for the moon, we have the force.

Not to be outdone, Carrie Fisher chimed in with a close-up of her new Princess Leia hairstyle and what looks like a different outfit -- it seems, much like her mother, the Rebel Leader will have a bit of a wardrobe.

Rey on Jakku

Next on the list, newcomer Daisy Ridley shared Rey's official character poster in her instagram, another look at the troubled visage of a character who claims to be "no one". Said Ridley:

It is my very great honour to reveal this INSANELY EXCITING poster for The Force Awakens!!!! IT'S REY!!! Looking all freckly from the Jakku sun and as if there's an adventure to be had!!! AHHHH!

Kylo Ren Is Haunting

Nothing can stand in our way.
Nothing can stand in our way.

Chiming in shortly after came Regal Cinemas, who shared two all-new posters -- the first featuring one of the film's primary villains, Kylo Ren.

Han Solo At Star's End

It's real. All of it.
It's real. All of it.

Rounding out the release was everyone's favorite smuggler, Han Solo, weilding the classic DL-44 that we've all come to know and love as his iconic weapon.

With just under a month until an all-new Star Wars film joins the epic saga (how strange is that to say out loud?!) Lucasfilm's teases and smart timing with interviews has fans at their most excited. May the Force be with you - at least until December 18th!


Which poster is your favorite?


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