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In the most recent episodes of Doctor Who, things have rapidly been heating up with pulse pounding action and suspense. But a bit of devastating news has been released recently and it promises to be upsetting to a large number of fans.

Clara Oswald has confirmed that she will be leaving the show over the span of several episodes, promising to hit us right in the feels.

Better have those tissues handy because Peter Capaldi has also confirmed that Clara's time as a companion has run out.

"It's sad over a number of weeks" Capaldi says. "Get lots of hankies ready"

Personally, I rather liked Clara on the show. I loved how she shows up as different incarnations throughout time and usually when the Doctor needs her. I'll be sad to see her go. I'm rather worried about how she'll be leaving us as I have reason to believe that she doesn't walk out on her own. No, I think Clara's life ends, leading to her time as a companion to be over. The fact that it will take place over several episodes does not reassure me in the slightest.

Fans are only left to wonder how this character will say farewell as it's promised by both the Doctor and Steven Moffat to be long, painful and incredibly sad.

This is what Peter Capaldi had to say on the matter:

"I don't want to go into what happens, because it's very clever what happens in it, but it's very sad," said Capaldi. "It's really sad. It's not quite what you think's going to happen," he added. "You think what's going to happen is going to happen, and then something else happens. That's what's wonderful about Doctor Who. It's always clever the way these things are done. It's not quite as straightforward as it appears."

And it won't just be hard on us. Apparently it's been hard on Jenna Coleman as she could barely look at Peter Capaldi during filming. As it turns out, he's been very close to cracking himself.

We just finished up the Zygon invasion and Clara's back again. But what's in store for the future? Only time will tell.


Are you going to miss Clara when she goes?


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