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Shows like Man vs. Wild have taught us all that whatever horrible and unappetizing food you imagine, there's always something much worse. Bear Grylls has eaten his fill of disgusting meals while in the wild, most of which leave my jaw dropped and with no appetite to speak of.

1. Bear Turns Lion in Africa

In Africa, Bear Grylls comes upon a fresh zebra carcass, which apparently to him, means his next meal. I'll pass!

2. Grubs to the Max

Low on food and out in search of breakfast, Bear starts chopping his way into a fallen dead tree. Inside the tree live dozens of wood grubs. I don't know what to say...

3. This One's Hard to Swallow... Literally

While straying off course in the Sahara desert to check out a deserted ship (pun intended), Bear finds a live octopus clinging onto the wreckage.

Choosing to eat it right then and there, Bear bites off a tentacle, which is probably more trouble than it's worth.

4. Break a Leg

The jungle can offer a diverse menu, but none more simplistic than raw frogs legs.

5. Eat Your Heart Out

After being given a moose by some local tribesmen, Bear kills and butchers it for not only the enormous amount of meat and fur, but also for its vital organ. Talk about a hearty meal!

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