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Zachary Chichwak
...940 that still exists today. Dontt use captain america or Namor, those are wag too obvious....quikk question by the by; why exactly do u continue to mention Marvel used to be called Timely? Anybody that reads comics knows that! U keep saying it like its something i didn't know and you're outraged by it lol...anyway, your just not getting it. You've been able to mention (nonsensicaly i might add) less than a handful of B list characters that u believe DC ripped off of Marvel. Right? U mentioned Atomic skull bekuz his physical characteristics were somewhat recently made to look like Ghostrider's. Their powers are nothing alike!!! Nothing commin in their origins/backstory etc. so either your missing the point of this convo or your interpretation of a character ripoff simply entails having a character that looks similar to an existing one, and nothing more. Thatss like saying Lex Luthor and Charles Xavier are ripoffsa bekuz the both share a similar look. U see, for me a "ripoff" consists of several things. Appearances are a small but nonetheless contributing factor. Also, no, no marvel didn't have shit going for them before 1960. They were doing then what they'd been doing since 1945. Westerns, Romance comics, "funnies" and Monster books. I was hoping you were gonna back up this statement that Marvel gets ripped off as well. But u mentioned 3 or 4 characters that A. don't even really matter and B. Have superficial common traits. DC had already created the JSA, and the Justice League roster was %95 completed before Marvel squatted down and shat the FF. And they were only created because of DC's team books doin crazy sales. It would b even longer before their moneymakers were created. If u wanna say DC ripped off Marvel in regards to Wasp, that's fine. But it hardly seems to matter since both wasp and her DC counterpart are all but invisible to readers. If what you've mentioned is the extent of ur proof that Marvels being ripped off, it hardly seems worth mentioning considering that Marvel themselves has been copying a percent of their entire business off of DC. And from the sound of your last text u still didn't dig deep enuf into the swamp thing issue. It's not likely to b info youll easily find online im betting. U dontt think itss somewhat suspect the swamp thing and man thing were released so closely together? Their twins! Thatss no accident and neither was the release date proximity. The short and sweet of it is this, Man thing is not older than swamp thing. Youlll find it if u look far enough. I can't even believe you found the nerve to defend Marvel, a company that greenlit Deadpool some research and look at things like publication rights, distribution policies, intercharacter dynamics and story archs. DC does most everything first. They watch DC implement changes, shake things up with distribution etc. that way when it's Marvel's turn they appear to b doin it flawlessly. The last time they stopped doing this, they filed for bankruptcy.....If DC had died in say 1958, 59 or 60, Marvel never would have started exercising creatively on their own. As is today, they saw what someone else did, and because it worked they did it too. Now Marvel is all the sudden ready tp reboot their universe and it'll move like shit thru a goose... Why? Well because they've seen the pitfalls of this large move and know exactly what to avoid. More importantly, they know what to implement and exactly how much....

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