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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Everyone was pretty excited for The Fantastic Four's release, and while I believe the film was pretty good, it did disappoint at the box office. Fox has been on a decline so far this year in terms of finances and Fox has blamed Fantastic Four's immense box office disappointment for these issues.

Twentieth Century Fox Down $1 Billion?

Fox's average revenue has decreased by about 6% to $6.08 billion over this past year. Along with that, profits this year have been at around $678 million, which is a $1 billion decrease from Q1 this past year. So, Fox has definitely seen its share of losses this year so far, and they are pointing the finger directly at Fantastic Four.

“Our quarterly results also reflect the expected impact of challenging comparisons for our film studio due to the timing of key releases, as well as the poor performance of The Fantastic Four,” said Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

The timing issue that Chairman Rupert Murdoch is referring too is the limited success of The Martian, which in turn was a smash hit for Fox, but due to its October release was limited by marketing because the advertising was subtracted from the company's earnings. This all does seem to point towards Fantastic Four being the primary culprit for Fox's recent downturn, but is that really fair to say?

Is Fox Justified in Pointing the Finger at Fantastic Four?

While there is no denying that Fantastic Four was a box office disappointment, I'm not too sure if the film is completely to blame. We know the hostility that director Josh Trank had towards Fox Studios due to their alleged involvement in the production of the film. Trank completely threw the blame on Fox and Fox did the same. So it is definitely is fair to say that the film played a part in their studio's financial loss but not shoulder the full load of the blame. The box office performance wasn't 'fantastic' per say, but the film wasn't really that bad. Come back to Marvel!


Do you think Fantastic Four is to blame for Fox's lost of profits?


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