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From generation to generation, Disney has withstood the test of time as one of the leading producers of entertainment. For decades they have given us instant classics like Toy Story, Lion King, Frozen, just to name a few. One of their biggest stand outs has been their group of Disney Princesses. Since 1937, the list of Disney Princesses has grown to 11, (Snow White being the first and the last being Merida from Brave) with three more princess statuses pending (Anna and Elsa from Frozen and Moana from the upcoming Moana). Besides their title as "Disney Princess," one common connection between the current 11 is their surprisingly young age -- ranging from 14 years old (Snow White) to 19 (Cinderella and Tiana).

I wonder what would happen if they aged like normal people? It has been years, even decades, since some of their first appearances. Artist Isaque Areas has drawn what he thinks they would look like at their current age today. Check them out!

Snow White

For someone who is supposed to be 92 years old, time has been very kind to Snow White. Could anyone else see Betty White pulling off this look in a live-action version?


Much like Snow White, Cinderella looks really good for her age. Even though she was Mary Poppins, I think Julie Andrews would make a good older version of Cinderella.


Somehow Aurora looks a little older than Cinderella, but that's not to say she looks terrible. I guess all that beauty sleep paid off. Being the quietest Disney Princess (with only 16 lines of dialogue), maybe a great actress like Helen Mirren could bring this sleeper out of her shell a bit more in her golden years.


Seeing that there are some celebrities that seem to just never age, Ariel's older version looks pretty realistic. With a bit of a trim to accompany her later years, I could see someone like Jennifer Aniston play an aged Ariel.


With just a couple extra lines, the Beauty of Beauty and the Beast still lives up to her name. We have Emma Watson portraying Belle in the upcoming live-action film, but maybe her older self could be played by Kate Beckinsale.


Seeing that she is one the youngest by comparison, Jasmine still looks relatively young but you can still see she has outgrown her teenage-look. Although this actress isn't the most well known, Nazanin Boniadi from How I Met Your Mother really fits the bill.


Another 20 years later and Pocahontas still has that same strong look as she did at 18. Older, wiser but probably held on to her convictions which made her a great princess to look up to (chief's daughter counts). Although it would be nice to see the actress who lent her voice to Pocahontas, Irene Bedard, reprise the role, someone a bit younger like Julia Jones (Twilight) would be a great casting choice.


Last but definitely not least, Mulan. The youngest of all the princesses on this list (both in starting and ending year) she really hasn't changed. The new modern outfit and hair style has definitely given her more of a mom-look but I'm sure she is still as swift as a coursing river. It would only make sense that a fierce female actress like Constance Wu could play an aged savior of China.

Looks like they all aged rather gracefully. What do you think of the older renditions of the classic Disney Princesses? Do you think a movie/show/short with an aged cast of Disney Princesses could work? Leave a comment or write your own post!

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Which Disney Princess looks the best in their old age?


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